Conan Returning to Marvel in 2019

Marvel just sent out this press release:

New York, NY – January 12, 2018 – Marvel Entertainment and Conan Properties International are excited to announce the iconic CONAN franchise will return to Marvel next year.

With over 650 issues from 1970 to 2000, Marvel brought fans the adventures of Conan The Barbarian, Conan the Adventurer, Conan the Savage and Savage Sword of Conan among other popular titles.

“From Barry Windsor-Smith to John Buscema to Neal Adams, a legendary line-up of amazing artists brought Conan to life in the pages of Marvel comics,” said C.B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of Marvel. “It's a legacy we're now going to live up to with the talent we have lined up for the Cimmerian barbarian's homecoming in early 2019. We’re excited!”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Marvel and look forward to the new adventures in store for Conan,” said Fredrik Malmberg, President of Conan Properties International. “As the most well-known and creative publisher in the industry, we think Marvel is a great fit for our stories.”

With this deal, Marvel will again bring new and thrilling stories for Conan fans around the world. Details on upcoming comic book titles, collections, reprints, and creative teams will be shared at a later date.


  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,670
    As with Star Wars, I look forward to the Conan back catalogue staring to show up on Marvel Unlimited.
  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,670
    Also, if Jason Aaron is still with Marvel in 2019, I’d love to see him do some Conan.
  • I second that David_D, a Jason Aaron Conan book wold be great!
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 3,563
    Geez Disney has just gutted Darkhorse. DH must have treated the wrong intern like garbage once upon a time.
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,670
    This story has led to some talk about whether or not, given the Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets, Aliens and Predator will end up at Marvel.

    I really hope not. For me it would just seem a strange fit. It is one thing for Star Wars and Conan to go to Marvel, because those are properties returning to Marvel.

    But for me, Dark Horse and Aliens and Predator are absolutely intertwined. I mean, sure, it was always a licensing deal. But remembering back to getting those B&W Dark Horse Presents issues that had Aliens and Predator strips, as well as that amazing first color Aliens miniseries from Dark Horse (I was probably 12 or 13, and the crazy newsstand at our mall that, improbably, was dabbling in the Direct Market and getting things like Dark Horse, had them. I can actually sort of still remember the first night I got one of those. I could not believe my luck that there was such a comic.)

    Anyway, I know licenses are licenses and deals are deals. But I am hoping that of all things Aliens and Predator stay at Dark Horse. It just seems like the right match.
  • fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,105
    Who I thought of when I first read the headline:

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