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Episode 1719 Talkback - Comic Talk & Aquaman Movie Review

The Geeks make some deep cuts (five fathoms deep, that is!) when we review the Aquaman movie! From there, the conversation drifts to DC's new Young Justice series by Brian Michael Bendis and Pat Gleason; Conan and Spider-Geddon from Marvel; the Bumblebee and Dragon Ball Super: Broly movies; Season 2 of Runaways on Hulu; geeky Christmas gifts; Muddle the Murd; and more! (Be warned: in this episode, we SPOIL everything we touch!) (1:54:54)

Listen here, landlubbers!


  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 546
    edited January 11
    I was driving into work this morning wondering if there would be an Aquaman movie review.

  • BryanBryan Posts: 110
    edited January 11
    Skipped the aquaman review, haven’t seen it yet. Looking forward to the rest!
  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 546
    Because it was referenced.
  • rabbigeekrabbigeek Posts: 5
    edited January 15
    I discovered the new Original Christmas Specials Collection BD on the Monster Party podcast (they had two of the guys involved in producing it on), and ordered it right away.

    But I hadn't watched it yet.

    Then I heard on this episode of CGS, that our own Murd is one of the talking heads on the bonus documentary, “The Animagic World of Rankin/Bass“.

    I just watched it. Worth the price of the set right there.

    Our man Murd is in great company, Jon Favreau, Henry Selick and more.
  • DARDAR Posts: 1,119
    I know there was some talk about the newest Batman film. There’s been a few reports that it may start shooting in November.
  • jaydee74jaydee74 Posts: 1,523
    I wanted to comment because this was a very entertaining episode. I really enjoy Ian's thoughts on the show and I hope it becomes a more permanent thing. I thought Aquaman was good. Not great but absolutely fun. I find Jason Mamoa's version of the character to be entertaining. I had heard someone equate Aquaman and Ocean Master to Black Panther and Killmonger with Aquaman being Killmonger and Ocean Master being Black Panther. It's an interesting comparison. Also, someone mentioned that the reunion between Aquaman and his mom mimicked the reunion between HIccup and his mom in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

    I flipped through Young Justice #1 and I'm on Ian's camp that it's pretty cool. I'm more of a wait for trade kind of guy but it's totally going to be on my list when it gets traded. I'm looking forward to seeing what Bendis does with these characters.

    Great episode again guys.

    p.s. I used to live in Brdgewater. Feels like a lifetime ago. My parents moved to New Brunswick years and years ago. I used to love going into Somerville on Friday nights in the summer though. I'd get some pizza from Alfonsos and check out all the classic cars on the street with the hoods popped open. Ah. Those were the days. I also have a lot of January birthdays in my family. Mine is the 25th. I share a birthday with Geoff Johns. :)
  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,385
    FWIW, Dark Opal and Gemworld also just showed up in Suicide Squad: Black Files #2. Doesn't seem like it's time for a trademark renewal, so it does seem curious a curious coincidence.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 505
    Great episode guys....Aquaman movie review: Yeah, I'd read somewhere that people were comparing it to Thor:Raganarok, but I do think the more apt comparison is to Black Panther. I think it's more that Killmonger is Black Manta, not Orm...but lots of similarities: multiples tribes in both kingdoms, someone:s father is killed, the outside world vs. the kingdom, and the idea of attacking the outside world due to real or imagined slights. Anyway, the things I liked most were: the Nicole Kidman fight scenes, the trident through the TV set showing Stingray (I used to love that show...*Marina..*), and Aquaman's and Orm's final costumes

    As for Young Justice: I did think the 7 crisis-thing was interesting, but other than that I was just okay with it.

    Muddle the Murd: It's so interesting how Murd's mind works. And VERY interesting that both Adam and Chris thought up Chalmer's as the incorrect answer to the 1st question. Why interesting? That Brave and the Bold issue (issue 85, Sept 1969) was drawn by NEAL ADAMS AND Chalmers was the character in X-Men 57-59 who tried to stop Larry Trask from activating the Sentinels, issues also drawn by NEAL ADAMS and also released in June/July/August of 1969.
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