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Episode 1808 Talkback - Book of the Month Club: The Immortal Hulk, Vol 1 and 2

After pressure cooking in our comic book Instapot for months, our latest Book of the Month Club is finally ready to sip and enjoy! A full crew of Ian, Chris, Shane, Murd and Kevin go through the first two trades of Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's revolutionary take on the character of The Hulk, alias Bruce Banner, covering issues 1 through 10 of The Immortal Hulk. Witness the horror within, Walter Langkowski's Murdoughnian sideburns, and plenty of Gamma Goulash for both listeners and hosts alike. (1:41:48)

Listen here or give it a watch on YouTube:


  • BrackBrack Posts: 864
    edited May 6

    "Peter David established" on the abusive Brian Banner element of Bruce's past is a popular mis-attributing. Bill Mantlo established it, but if you believe Barry Windsor Smith, he originally presented the idea to Marvel.

    BWS finally published his version of the story, "Monsters" through Fantagraphics this month.


    Given Al Ewing's similar age and upbringing to myself, I cannot help but wonder if The Green Door is a reference to this hit of our youth.

  • AlbertCampionAlbertCampion Posts: 18
    edited May 7

    I've been reading this series, however, I'm old and have a case of Can't Remember Stuff, so I don't recall a lot of the scenes the guys discussed. At the end of the episode, what I was thinking was what I'd really like to see is someone clean the Hulk's clock. Someone small, understated, and extremely powerful who could laugh at the Hulk's rampages about being stronger than anyone. Someone who isn't impressed with him and could stomp him until he begs for mercy. Maybe another DC/Marvel crossover and let Captain Carrot do the honors, a-la Bugs Bunny. This scene from Secret Wars #3 has stuck with me. I loved how Spider-Man just literally swatted Wolverine away.

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