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Black Widow Discussion with Spoilers

I generally liked the movie overall.

The Pros:

I thought the hero side of the cast was good.

I am not sure how long this movie was but I never felt like it was dragging at any point.

Was it the best MCU film? No. Was it fun and enjoyable? Yes.

The Cons:

I am not sure if this makes sense but while I did enjoy it, it did seem like a Marvel formula movie. Big CGI explosions, an occasional quip, underwhelming villains, fast cut fight scenes.

The taskmaster was wasted in this film.

I have seen a lot of comments of people saying that this should have came out 5 years ago and maybe that is true. I am still fine with it coming out now but if you are someone new to the MCU, have not seen all the films, or just do not pay that much attention to this stuff, the timeline is confusing. The person I saw it with is as casual a fan as you can get and she was lost.


  • CagedEyeCagedEye Posts: 29

    I spent my new movie budget on Peter Rabbit 2 so I don't think I'll be seeing this until October.

  • MattMatt Posts: 4,457

    This movie should’ve come out before Red Sparrow & Anna. Both of those felt more like Black Widow movies. This looked like the writer watched the initial Bourne trilogy & reused the plots.

    Its not the bottom tier. I’d put it pretty centralized in the MCU movie list. I would watch it again, but it wouldn’t be at the top of my rewatch list.

    And Taskmaster was completely wasted. Even with the twist, I found myself not caring about the reveal or how Nat responded to the character thereafter.

  • @Matt I agree with Red Sparrow. That really felt like a Black Widow movie to me as well. The Red Sparrow movie was was good but the book was great.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,496

    I thought it was fun. Yelena absolutely stole the show, which is great given that she seems to be the heir apparent.

    Wasn't so pleased with Red Guardian as comedy relief.

    Had a few moments of getting pulled out of it - the cantilevered decks on the Red Room station made my inner engineer cringe and likewise, the number of crippling injuries that just get shrugged off (I can write some of that off to super tech armored body suits, but the number of head injuries!

    Taskmaster is a bit of an enigma for me. Overall, I liked the look, though a friend complained that the headgear felt like it was straight out of motocross. Are we to assume that the suit is also exoarmor? I get being able to match fighting styles, but given the strength that Red Guardian demonstrated in the breakout, I don't see Task Master laying a beatdown with that kind of knockback on him.

    Headcannon - Red Sparrow was Black Widow origin and training story, with this closing the program down.

    I'll happily watch it again.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,496

    Follow up: biggest disappointment was Yelena not immediately killing Val. I cannot express strongly enough my dislike for Dreyfus.

  • So October is finally here so I watched the movie. I have no history with the Taskmaster so I loved the character and loved the twist. I rank this movie better than Shang Chi.

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