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Binding trades with floppies?

gavigavi Posts: 41
edited August 2012 in Comic Book Binding
I'm closing up my run of Immortal Iron Fist and still need issues 1-5 and 7-8. I was looking and it'd be easier/cheaper to just use the 1-5 pages from the trade paperback. Anyone have experience doing this? Are the pages about the same size?


  • I don't see why they wouldn't. People bind trades with floppies all the time; you should be good.
  • FoneBoneFoneBone Posts: 52
    I have done twice and both times was NOT happy with the result. I made a Harbinger bind with the first trade instead of paying for #1-5 and a Grendel bind with the War Child bind mixed in with floppies of other storylines. Since I made a point to just track down the missing issues and deal with the added expense.
  • gavigavi Posts: 41
    can you elaborate as to what exactly didn't work?
  • dubbat138dubbat138 Posts: 3,129
    I would think the difference in the paper would stand out.
  • gavigavi Posts: 41
    i'm not too concerned with the cosmetic look, just concerned about sizing of the pages, gutter loss, etc
  • FoneBoneFoneBone Posts: 52
    I dont think there is a difference in gutter loss. But there is a difference in the type and sometimes size of the paper. Here is an example of the worst case, not only do the trade pages stand out as glossier and bright white when you look at the side but in this case they were too short to trim the regular books down to without art and word bubbles in the top frame of every page.


    The other book I did it with had the same issue with type of paper but were similar size so does not bother me as much. I depends what is important to you and what you are or are not picky about.
  • gavigavi Posts: 41
    thanks for the pic!
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