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I bought a dumb toy just to make a joke...

EarthGBillyEarthGBilly Posts: 362
edited August 2012 in World of Toys Archive
Not just bought, but hunted down. I had seen the toy, and a caption immediately sprang to mind. But, it was $3.99, and really NOT worth it, so I left it on the shelf.

For weeks, that caption kept coming to mind, and I'd giggle to myself. Finally, I thought, okay, I gotta buy it, because I'm starting to obsess over this.

I went to the store... and it was gone. I knew it wasn't sold out, because there were many there just the week before (because I always looked at it when I went in), so they must have pulled it for not selling.

I then spent the next two weeks combing shelves in various stores looking for it, with no luck.

Last weekend, I finally found it... back at the original store. Still $3.99, but I no longer cared.

I bought it. Everytime I look at it, it brings me insane joy. I decided I needed to share that joy.

I spent time photographing the toy, and put in the caption, and then I shared it with the world. Please to enjoy...

Oh, That We All Could...


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