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Cheap Mattel DC toys hitting the bargain stores

LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
edited September 2012 in World of Toys Archive
If you have places in your area that sell slightly older toys at discount prices (the places that buy unsold stock from manufacturers and other stores), start giving them a closer look than usual. I found those Mego-like Retro Action figures at Five Below for a fivespot each (picked up Captain Marvel and Black Adam, but they also had Darkseid and I think Martian Manhunter), and Ocean State Job Lot had the entire Validus DCUC wave for $7.99 each (picked up the Jack Knight Starman). I've even seen from people online (from the guy who draws the webstrip Shortpacked, for instance) that some MattyCollector stuff is showing up in these places.

So, you know. Get on that.


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