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Toy Fails

fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,131
edited October 2012 in World of Toys Archive
I just came across this article on i09 about toy fails and it was hilarious. Accompanying the article are a bunch of videos by a guy named Mike Mozart that created even more hilarity. He's got his own YouTube channel and everything. Enjoy.


  • He has 370k+ subscribers? The dude is not funny. He tries way to hard. While I like the idea of a failed toys show his "humor" kills it for me. After he shows the reason why they're fails I turn him off. Thanks for the vids,it was interesting seeing these toys.
  • I could only last through about 15 "I mean, really"s before I was wanting to strangle the guy.

    Great idea for a review video, but the "talent" ruins it for me.
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