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Super Show 2013 Updates: Sketch Raffle, WildPig Raffle, Ticket Info, Artist Table Info

Attention SuperShow Boosters! I am helping CGS promote and organize SuperShow, so I wanted to take this opportunity to provide updated info:

THE SKETCH RAFFLE: Beginning with their recording the week of Dec. 3rd, the CGS crew will draw a random name from those listeners who have purchased their tickets by the time of each recording. There will be a drawing roughly every week going forward. Each winner will pick up a free sketch from one of the artists appearing at the show. Thus far, the following artists have agreed to generously donate sketches to the raffle:
J.K. Woodward, Fred Hembeck, Rudy Nebres, Matthew Petz, Erica Hesse, Danielle Corsetto, Michelle Sciutto, Bill Ellis, and Dan Sehn. We anticipate more artists will donate sketches in the days and weeks to come. We will leave it up to each artist as to whether or not they will take specific requests from the recipient. It goes without saying that it is in everyone's interests, the show and the listeners, that we sell a large number of tickets well before April. Hence, help us defray show costs, and help yourselves to a chance at a superb piece of artwork, by purchasing your SuperShow pass today!

ARTIST TABLES: If you are interested in reserving an exhibitor table at the show, please contact our beloved Pants at [email protected] Tables are filling up rapidly!

THE SUPERSHOW RAFFLE: WildPig Comics is providing the goods for two raffles during the show (Sat. and Sun.). If you've ever attended any of our NJ events, than you know we don't skimp when it comes to raffle prizes. Each raffle item will have an accompanying red cup. Raffle tickets are $1 a piece, and there is no limit on how many you purchase, and how many you place in a particular cup. Pre-ordered weekend passes receive three complimentary raffle tickets, and pre-ordered day passes receive one ticket (originally, weekend passes received two tickets, but we've increased it to three; those who have already purchased weekend passes will receive three tickets). Half of the proceeds from the SuperShow raffles will be donated to the CGS podcast. Here are the prizes thus far:

-Batman Beyond Black & White Statue
-Dark Knight Returns Black & White Statue
-G.I. Joe Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition (IDW)
-Avengers Vol. 1 Silver Age Omnibus
-Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 Silver Age Omnibus
-X-Men Age of Apocalypse Omnibus
-Dark Knight Returns Absolute Edition
-Crisis On Infinite Earths Absolute Edition (Hail Murd!)
-V for Vendetta Absolute Edition
-DC The New Frontier Absolute Edition
-Kingdom Come Absolute Edition
-All-Star Superman Absolute Edition
-Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus
-Man-Thing by Steve Gerber Omnibus
-Watchmen Absolute Edition
-Ed Brubaker Set: Sleeper Omnibus, Criminal Deluxe Ed. HC, Incognito Deluxe Ed HC.
-Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Absolute Edition
-Thor by Walt Simonson Omnibus
-Gil Kane Amazing Spider-Man Artist Proof Edition (IDW)
-Will Eisner Spirit Artist Proof Edition (IDW)
-Dave Stevens Rocketeer Artist Proof Edition (IDW/2nd printing)
-Batman#19 (Golden Age) in VG/F Condition

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding guests, additional raffle items, etc. in the days and weeks to come. Thanks for supporting the CGS SuperShow!

Chris, WildPig Comics


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