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Hasbro Files For ROM Trademark

Hopefully this more than than Hasbro just holding on to the trademark. Holding out hope that we will see some much better toys than the original and maybe, just maybe we'll see ROM back in comics.


  • Wasn't ROM an Ideal toy? Or did Ideal sell it to, or get absorbed by, Hasbro? (Getting absorbed by another entity seems somehow appropriate to the toy...)
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,939
    It was Parker Brothers, and yeah, Hasbro bought them out. I'm wondering what's going on because Hasbro renewed or reapplied for trademarks back in 2010 as well.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,939
    So...this Age of Ultron thing is being talked about and over Bleeding Cool is some teaser art....


    Do you see it? Not that it looks exactly like ROM, but maybe we have a splinter of hope here.
  • Interesting pic.

    I may be behind on some things, but -- wasn't Rom returned to his human form? And isn't Kraven dead? Interesting to note that several, yet not all, are identified by their real names rather than their costumed IDs.
  • Fade2BlackFade2Black Posts: 1,457
    Let me see if I got this right...
    Hasbro wants ROM.
    Disney wants Hasbro.
    Disney already has Marvel.

    Every time I do the math, it adds up to this.

  • Disney IS RUMORED to want Hasbro. Not quite the same. (the difference being that if Disney seriously wants them, they will get them eventually)
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
    Disney might even own your house <:-P
  • Disney might even own your house <:-P </p>

    I was wondering who put the Mickey Mouse ears above the front door.
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