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impulse map?

I'm looking to bind the Impulse series from the 90s. Problem is, I don't know all of what it crosses over with to complete the volumes. Has anyone else here bound it or have a map? Thanks


  • While I don't know all of the cross-overs, you can certainly count on it crossing over with The Flash quite often. On a regular basis, in fact. It also hit just about all of the big cross-over events following Zero Hour as well. And, off the top of my head, I think there were a few stories in Young Justice that bled over. That might at least give you a place to start. I'd like to help further, but I had to drop Impulse, reluctantly, halfway through the series due to finances at the time, so I'm not sure about issue numbers and such.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,686
    edited November 2012
    Here are the direct crossovers:
    “Dead Heat” — Flash #109-11.
    “Casualties of War” — Young Justice #36
    “World without Young Justice” — Young Justice #44–45, Robin #101, Superboy #99
    I’m pretty sure that’s it, but I may have missed one.

    You’ll also want the Impulse: Bart Saves the Universe and probably Flash #92-94, where he first appears.

    The rest of the tie-ins are completely optional, as they were always pretty good about giving you anything you needed to know within the individual issues of Impulse. Maybe you’d want to add the Sins of Youth mini, but I wouldn’t bother personally.
  • BListerBLister Posts: 23
    I had one on the old Boards but I do not think I still have it. Sorry.
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