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I've had THREE nightmares about Supershow now...

I can barely remember the first dream. Something about things just not going well.

The second dream, I went to the wrong convention, and had to try and still make sketch sales.

Third dream was last night. I went, and forget to bring ANYTHING for my table. No sketchbooks, not banner, no sample book, NOTHING. At one point Amber was at my table. She set up a bunch of stuff for me that she was able to scrape together while I was frantically going to stores trying to find art supplies. Iamscifi was helping me find stores that were open, and had to lend me cash.

Also, a band was there, and they complained that my table was where they were all supposed to sit when they were taking a break, and I was taking up their spot.

No idea why I'm having so many stress dreams. Maybe because I have a new webcomic to show off. Maybe because I haven't been to a con in a long time, and I'm afraid I won't get any customers.

Need to just chill and look forward to seeing old friends.


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