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Harold Jennett Super Show 2013 sketch pre-order thread...

TrustyMutsiTrustyMutsi Posts: 161
edited March 2013 in Super Show 2013
Hey gang, it's that time of year again! I'm going to have a table at Super Show 2013. I'll have some promotional material for my and Steeven Orr's new webcomic "Our Adventure Continues".

I'll also be doing sketches. If you'd like to pre-order a sketch, this is the place to do it! :)

I'm knocking $5 off my usual price for the 9X12 inked sketches.

9X12 inked $20
9X12 penciled $15
4.5X6 inked mini sketch – $10
4.5X6 penciled mini sketch - $5
Inked Sketch Cards – $5
Penciled Sketch Cards - $3

Please, no nude or ultra violent requests.

Requests so far:

Ned Flanders as Captain Marvel (Shazam) - Unknown Fanboy
Otto (from the Simpsons) mixed with a DC character - Unknown Fanboy
Cable - Kilmarock
Batman Beyond - Kilmarock
Batman & Alfred E Newman as Robin - JoeComicGuy
Hellboy - Ed Chambers
Hunger Games, Absorbing Man 5.5X6 inked, and Princess sketch: Shroud68

Here are some samples of my work:


You can see more of my work at:



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