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Sketch Requests for Andrew Charipar... start right here!

misfitcornermisfitcorner Posts: 41
edited April 2013 in Super Show 2013
Hey everyone, Andrew here and I want to DRAW!!!

OK, for anyone going to the show who would like a sketch, let me know here.
I will be doing black/white and gray sketches on 9x12 Bristol Paper (I have recently switched to Canson Bristol instead of Strathmore Bristol. I think the paper is a heck of a lot brighter, for those of you who may care, he he). I really don't have a good selection of color materials so at this time I will not be taking color commissions. If that changes, I will let you all know.

My normal rate is $25 but for this show, it's only $20.00. This is for a single character but if you want more than one character, the price might be a little more, just ask.

If you would like more than one sketch, feel free to ask. Multi-sketch requests get a discount, just ask.

I reserve the right to decline a sketch request and ask for no nudity or explicit sex (ok, maybe nudity is ok but i still reserve the right to say "no"). I hate what I call "stupid sketches", but that doesn't always stop me from doing them. Stuff like "Captain America sitting on a couch sharing a bong with the Red Skull". I hate those kinds... but I still did it (uggghh).

Also, and this one comes up a lot... Please pay AT the show. I hate to take money upfront for anything (I got burned one time on a commission request and it soured me for so long that I NEVER want to do that to anyone else...ever... ) so just pay at the show when you pick up the sketches.

I will take request from people who will NOT be at the show and ship them to you, but because you will not be there, I have to give your sketches a lower priority and they may not be done by the time of the show. But it will (eventually) get done.

Any questions, just let me know



Mark28 - Razorback


random73 - Nightcrawler
unkownfanboy - Ra's Al Apu (Ra's Al Ghul/Apu)
unkownfanboy - McBane (Bane/McBain (the Arnold Schwarzenegger character))
unkownfanboy - Poison Edna (Poison Ivy/Edna Krabappel)
Earl - Pinup Powergirl (with classic white cleavage-window costume)
Earl - Donna Troy in her red costume
Earl - Artemis of Young Justice
shroud68 - Katniss from Hunger Games
Moby - Cloak & Dagger
kilmarock - Vanth Dreadstar and Syzygy Darklock battling the High Lord Papal
Super Show sketch raffle winner Simon MacDonald - Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman


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