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6" Star Wars Action Figures

So there are rumblings out there of a possible new toy line of action figures for the Star Wars franchise.

I know these rumors were out there before, but with all of the changes in the franchise recently, it could actually be a possibility.

The rumors are that there have been 2 prototypes made to almost completion and that they are highly detailed very articulated. The rumor is also that they are being done by Gentle Giant and Hasbro who already collaborate on the Marvel Legends figures.

Here is the actual brief article:

If this became a reality, would anyone here be all over this line like I probably would be?


  • rebisrebis Posts: 1,820
    So, Darth Vader can finally fight Batman.

  • Eric_CEric_C Posts: 263
    Now they do this after I'm done playing with my action figures. After years of pain having the tiny Luke and the Red Space Ranger team up, I can do it better now. These may also look cooler on my shelf. However, in my heart of hearts I think it is sac-relig. I'm not a fan, Star Wars toys are meant to be tiny
  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    rebis said:

    So, Darth Vader can finally fight Batman.


    And now I totally have to do that.
  • jaydee74jaydee74 Posts: 1,526
    That Luke Skywalker figure is absolutely gorgeous. I love all of the detail.
  • I have a full set of the figures now and to me they are more amazing than any of the pictures could ever do them justice. R2 is probably the weakest figure of them, but he is still great with all of his accessories. They were very smart with the design and sculpts of these figures.

    My one big complaint is I would have paid a little more to get a figure stand with them. They stand fine on their own, but to pose them in a certain position and have them hold that on a shelf, they really need a stand.
  • ShaneKellyShaneKelly Posts: 155
    I agree, I have seen all of these in store and I have picked up the R2. Luke head sculpt is amazing! The Sandtrooper to me is very very cool but just not in the budget right now. I still think R2 is awesome but he is the weakest of the four.

    My personal weakest is Darth Maul, really part of that is a biased opinion because I was always disappointed with what character of Maul was used for. More to the point a lack of use. That is a whole separate discussion though LOL.

    To sum up, I am really excited to see what they choose to do with this line. Price point is a little high but again that is the stingy old man in me coming through. "When I was a kid things cost less! LOL.

    Any Star Wars toy fan should take a look at these.
  • So I decided to check back in on this thread and realized I have not updated here in a while.

    A lot has happened since the initial post. Many more figures have been released since then, but I wanted to talk about some of the news and reveals from SDCC.

    First a couple recent new figures that people are finding at their stores. Jabba the Hutt has been sited at TRU stores, and so has the Biker Scout with his Speeder Bike. I have not seen either at my TRU, but I definitely want to get them. I am all in on this toy line so I want to get them all. The Speeder Bike is one of my favorites from Star Wars so I definitely need to get that. I have the SDCC Jabba the Hutt coming in the mail, which is the only version that will come with Salacious Crumb. I did have my TRU have the Cantina set with Han and Greedo sitting at the table. I have both figures already, but I will keep this one in the box due to the display.

    At SDCC they showed some figures I am very excited about. They showed Yoda with his orange snake. he looks incredible. This is my favorite Star Wars character, so I am thrilled to see him coming out. yes, it stinks that he will be the same price as other figures even though he is smaller, but I will still get him.

    They showed the bounty hunter Bossk. This is my second favorite bounty hunter so I will be all over this one. The body is very similar in sculpt to the X-Wing pilot, so it makes sense that they are doing him. His jaw also looks like it moves so you can open his mouth to get that attack call look that he has in the Force Unleashed plastic statue.

    They showed that there will be a Shadow Trooper and a Shadow Biker Scout, and even though these are just repaints, I absolutely love the shadow troopers so I am excited about this.

    The biggest news was that we'll be getting some two-packs, which will be Hoth Han with a Tauntaun and Hoth Luke with a Wampa. The Tauntaun looks from the images that his belly will open up. I am hoping they eventually do a Hoth Luke with a Tauntaun because this Luke has a cut up face, so it would be nice to get a clean face Luke and a Tauntaun for him to ride as well. I am very excited from the images of these.

    It was also announced that we'll get C-3PO. No images were shown yet, but it's great that we'll finally get him to pair up with R2.

    Also there will be an exclusive Boba Fett sold only at Walgreen starting supposedly this month (not sure when exactly). This will be the all white version of Boba Fett.

    I am so excited about this line continuing. I wish stores kept them in stock better and kept up to date on the waves as they came out, but I'll figure out other ways to get these if I need to.
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