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Movie News: Warcraft

Duncan Jones has been tapped to direct the Warcraft movie based on the popular RTS and MMORPG video games. the film is slated to begin in the fall of 2013 with a release in 2015.

Now stay out of the fire n00bz.


  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    A 30 second tone trailer was shown at SDCC.

    Brendon Connely has a post up at Bleeding Cool which I'm taking the info with a grain of salt until something official comes out. I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes and expectations too high.
  • Chuck_MelvilleChuck_Melville Posts: 3,003
    How does one level up with the movie?
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087

    How does one level up with the movie?

    hunt for 10 large buckets of popcorn in the lobby

  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    Then grab a soda with a recruit-a-friend invitation and maybe a scroll of resurrection.

    I expect a ton of jokes and there is a lot of fun to be had, we all know that video game movies don't do well. Duncan Jones knows the lore though, he isn't going to bring game mechanics into the movie, it is all coming from the story which I dare say rivals the great iconic fantasy epics. You don't need to know anything about the game in order to enjoy the novels or the comics (written by Walt Simonson), I would recommend them to any fantasy fan to read.

  • How does one level up with the movie?

    hunt for 10 large buckets of popcorn in the lobby

    Is the movie theater seat the mount?

    Is this a bad joke?
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946 about "does the theater seat count as a mount?"

  • Greg said: about "does the theater seat count as a mount?"

    Do not see how that makes much of a difference, especially due to the fact that was a bad joke to begin with.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    With the comedians we have here I'm sure something can be salvaged out of it.
  • BondoBondo Posts: 57
    As bad as video game movies are, one must remember that movies about Crack Cocaine do very well, relatively speaking. And the ones that don't do well financially tend to do splendidly at film festivals and the like.

    And since the Warcraft brand is crack cocaine that has been cut with ammonia and then boiled in meth, I'm sure we can expect numbers and awards on par with "Traffic" and the cult following of "Blow" and "Requiem for a Dream"
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    edited October 2013
    I can't argue with the crack cocaine bit, WoW still has more players than the next two biggest mmo's combined while still being a paid subscription. The player/fanbase of Blizzard games in general just about seals this movie as a success, even if it ends up not being a good movie.

    I have faith that Blizz and Duncan will keep this a lore movie and not just another video game movie.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    This past weekend was Blizzcon, which had a panel on the Warcraft movie. Here's what's going on so far.

    The movie is "Humans vs Orcs" which was the first Warcraft game. Although it's implied that other races of the Alliance and Horde will be feature as well. The conflict between humans and orcs will be at the center of the film. Specifically, it's Lothor vs Durotan, with both leaders believing they're acting in the best interest for their people.

    Director Duncan Jones is a longtime Warcraft fan. Having started out on Ultima Online, he's played a lot of WoW games along with many of the key members of the cast.

    When Duncan boarded the project, the script was very Alliance heavy so one of the first things he set out to do was strike up a balance between Alliance and Horde.

    The film is described as Avatar meet Games of Thrones.

    Concept art for Draenor, Dalaran, Ironforge and Stormwind was shown so expect to travel to those locales in the film.

    The production team is trying to build as many physical sets as possible and overly rely on vfx. The Lions Pride Inn was specifically named as being a location that will be physically built as a set.

    They style of the film is described as a war movie, with Gladiator being used as an example. I've never seen Gladiator so I don't know if that is good or bad.

    There was a lot of talk about the level of detail the film is seeking to achieve like how to draw swords since there are no scabbards in World of Warcraft. The discussion on detail has been serious including making sure that that the flora and fauna match up. The vfx team that worked on the Hulk in the Avengers will be working on Warcraft. Wei Wang (Blizzard) has also helped out a lot with creature design.

    They have a good portion of the cast picked out but again, there were no announcements.

    A questions about a trilogy was quickly shot down as they're just focusing on the first film at the moment and nothing else.

    If the film is successful, Chris Metzen said maybe they'll do a tv show one day. I'm not placing any bets on that.

    The film will be PG-13.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    edited December 2013
    Cast is starting to shape up.

    Ben Foster
    Clancy Brown ^:)^
    Travis Fimmel
    Paula Patton
    Toby Kebbell
    Rob Kazinsky
    Daniel Wu

  • random73random73 Posts: 2,318
    edited December 2013
    Happy to see my boy Clancy Brown in anything but he will always be Rawhide from Buckaroo Banzai to me, even more so than the Kurgan. :-B
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946

    Teaser trailer or other footage is expected today at Blizzcon.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    No trailer yet.


  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    First look at Robert Kazinsky as Ogrim Doomhammer
  • WetRatsWetRats Posts: 6,314
    I believe our @mrfusion may be working on this one.
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
    So, I guess there won't be sequels. Just short "expansion pack" films every six months.
  • kiwijasekiwijase Posts: 451

    Came across this. I know next to nothing about the game itself but I really liked the look of this. Any thoughts from the fans?
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    The story is starting from the first RTS video game released back in '94. Blizzard has done a great deal of retconning to the story over the years so, I'm not really sure what version we're getting.

    The story guys from Blizzard were working directly with Legendary on the story, the director has been playing the game from the first RTS through World of Warcraft. It's not going to be Lord of the Rings but I faith that it will be a good fantasy flick.
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
    As long as there's exploding sheep...
  • DoctorDoomDoctorDoom Posts: 2,586
    Saw the trailer in front of Star Wars. Oh minute my unfa,ilia righ with the brand, but it doesn't look like it's going to be for me.
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