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  • KrescanKrescan Posts: 623
    what I thought was "awesome, indiana jones found a portal to go back in time (or into the future maybe?) and get Xander Harris before his eye got popped out"

    Then I read the article and thought "hey I really probably should read Fables one of these days"

    and "there's words in that red stuff, but I can't figure it out"
  • fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,131
    I've been reading The Unwritten in trades (looking forward to Vol. 7 coming in my DCBS order) and getting Fables in the deluxe editions. Well worth your time and money if you can. Some of the best comics out there today.
  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,706
    These are two of my favorite titles, but I don't know if I really want them crossing over. I'll reserve judgement, but the last time Fables crossed over with another title—the Jack of Fables spin-off—it resulted in by far my least favorite issues of the series.
  • Considering the titles and creators involved and the great story telling each has taken their respective titles, I am super excited about a cross over. I read both titles and have often found myself wondering why they never crossed over before.

    @nweathington - I do agree, it could turn out to be complete crap, but chances are looking at the works historically, this will be a fun ride.

  • @tankong, I don’t know, the two titles share a lot of similarities in their concepts, but I’m not sure they’ll actually work well together. If it ends up being just a brief encounter in one or two issues of Unwritten, I won’t be worried about it. It would kind of fit given where that story is right now and wouldn’t necessarily derail the plot. But Fables is in real groove at the moment—it’s the best it’s been in a two or three years. I would hate to see that flow disrupted with a meaningless crossover that won’t advance the Fables story. Like I said, I’ll reserve judgement, but I’m not thrilled by the prospects.
  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 3,881
    edited February 2013

    I love both of these titles, too (even if I am behind on both) but the thing I also love about most of the Vertigo titles are that they are long (hopefully) long runs that get to stand alone.

    Now, I would imagine in this case the creator/owners were on board to do this, and it was not editorially mandated, but it is still just not what I want from a title like this.

    Put another way- there are similarities between Walking Dead and Crossed, but I have no desire to see them crossover either.

    And I agree @nweathington that the Fables/Jack story were the weakest Fables issues of all that I've read. It felt like Willingham used to crossover to take a break and just let Jack and his cast drive the line for awhile. I wonder if he will do the same thing here.
  • RickMRickM Posts: 407
    I've read all of Fables and none of Unwritten, so this project will likely be more of an annoyance than an enjoyment.
  • If you like Fables, you would probably enjoy Unwritten as well. I doubt this crossover will be the best way to be introduced to the series though. Hopefully it won’t have the opposite effect and annoy you to the point of you not wanting to give it a try down the road.
  • I've only just recently read the first trade of The Unwritten, but I can see that it might work, so I'm interested in seeing the crossover.
  • I've only just recently read the first trade of The Unwritten, but I can see that it might work, so I'm interested in seeing the crossover.

    Once you get farther into the story, you’ll see exactly how it’s going to work. And at the point the story is now, it's the perfect time to do something like this as far Unwritten goes, which is why I wouldn’t mind if it was just a one-issue occurrence in Unwritten. But if it carries over heavily into the pages of Fables, which I assume will be the case, I’m afraid it will disrupt the storylines there.
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