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Mattel Collector Stands --- any success?

Hello group,

has anybody had any luck with those “Matty”-Collector Stands?

From my experience--- I have purchased a “40-pack” of these small circular Mattel Collector stands with pegs that don’t really hold figures up very well at all, not sure what “line” those are intended for ---

Also, have purchased a “25-pack” of circular stands with pegs that have the old “Super Powers” logo on them and that work for some, not all, DC Universe-Legends-type of figures …

They don’t seem to be good “across the board” quality when trying to affix them to the DC Legends-type of figures…

The stands for the small JLU line are a bit more successful in getting figures to stand up, but the stands are huge(!) for such a small figure… anybody ever try those?

I hate spending money on stuff that doesn’t work, don’t you?


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