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Power Attack Batman Line - not as craptastic as you might think

I'm sure you've all seen these on the pegs at Target or whatever, they're the more kid-oriented Batman figure line, and they have a very "animated" look for something that's not actually tied into any show. I never really gave them much thought, but as I was wandering by the tiny toy aisle of the local supermarket, I saw a few of these and took a good look for the first time and actually liked what I saw. They're big and chunky and don't have much in the way of articulation (neck, arms, elbows, waist, legs... and no, I didn't leave out the knees, the actually don't bend!) but the design on some of the basic figures is really eye-catching (at least until they start getting into the weird specialty costumes - Fire Batman, Ice Batman, Froggy Went A Courtin' and He Did Ride Uh-Huh Batman, etc.), and they have that very specific "will look good on my shelf" factor.

Long story short, Twin Blade Batman came home with me and my groceries. Just a cool, basic looking Batman, decked out in the sort of blue and grey costume that reminds me of the Batman I grew up with (armored and with a different variation on the oval Bat logo, but hey, close enough). There was a black & grey version, too (Battle Gauntlet Batman or some such thing), but the nostalgia factor of the one I chose was too great to be denied. And yes, it will look damn cool on my shelf.

I may keep an eye out for the Robin from this line, too... different in design than any traditional Robin costume, but still kinda cool.


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    As a collector of the six-inch scale, and facing the reality that the market was going more toward the 3 3/4 scale, I was shocked and pleased when these hit the shelves.

    Yeah, they are more like a five-inch scale, but I, too, appreciated the design, and the price point is better than anything I've seen in a while.

    I was even shocked that I didn't mind the new Batman logo.

    What has kept me from actually pulling the trigger and picking these up is that articulation thing. I can take a basic sort of articulation (as you mentioned), but it has to include the articulated knees.

    If these go to discount somewhere, I might pick them up and see if I can cobble some knees joints in there.
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    LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    I liked the logo, too. It's this weirdly acceptable midpoint between the traditional yellow oval and the larger, plain black bat.

    If, in your travels, you stumble across a Robin, let me know!
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    LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    Aaaaand I found me a Robin cheaply on eBay. Woot!

    All I'm probably getting from the line. Unless they were to come out with a Nightwing. That might be cool.
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