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Dan Sehn CGS SuperShow 2013 Commission Pre-Order Thread

argocomicsargocomics Posts: 19
edited February 2013 in Super Show 2013
I will be at CGS SuperShow with the full line of Argo Comics and I'll also be doing commissions, so if you'd like one, let me know here or at

All commissions completed on bristol board. Multi-media commissions include pencil, ink, copic markers and whatever other media that will make it turn out the best!

9X12 penciled: bust $10 / full body $15
9X12 inked: bust $15 / full body $20
9x12 multi-media: bust $20 / full body $30

11X14 penciled: bust $15 / full body $20
11X14 inked: bust $20 / full body $25
11X14 multi-media: bust $25 / full body $40

Commissions to be pre-paid through Paypal and I will have your pieces completed prior to the show.

Looking forward to seeing you all there :)

Superman by Sehn photo SupermanSehnsmall.jpg
photo MysteriaSehnlores.jpg
photo HavocPatrolSehnsmall.jpg
photo QuantamaSehnlores.jpg
photo ProfessorZoomlores.jpg
photo IguanaGirlSehn_lores.jpg
photo YellowLanternSupes_Sehnlores.jpg


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