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Dan Sehn CGS SuperShow 2013 Commission Pre-Order Thread

argocomicsargocomics Posts: 19
edited February 2013 in Super Show 2013
I will be at CGS SuperShow with the full line of Argo Comics and I'll also be doing commissions, so if you'd like one, let me know here or at [email protected]

All commissions completed on bristol board. Multi-media commissions include pencil, ink, copic markers and whatever other media that will make it turn out the best!

9X12 penciled: bust $10 / full body $15
9X12 inked: bust $15 / full body $20
9x12 multi-media: bust $20 / full body $30

11X14 penciled: bust $15 / full body $20
11X14 inked: bust $20 / full body $25
11X14 multi-media: bust $25 / full body $40

Commissions to be pre-paid through Paypal and I will have your pieces completed prior to the show.

Looking forward to seeing you all there :)

Superman by Sehn photo SupermanSehnsmall.jpg
photo MysteriaSehnlores.jpg
photo HavocPatrolSehnsmall.jpg
photo QuantamaSehnlores.jpg
photo ProfessorZoomlores.jpg
photo IguanaGirlSehn_lores.jpg
photo YellowLanternSupes_Sehnlores.jpg


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