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Brandon Pettiford

Hey, guys. Regular listener to CGS and sometimes poster. Sorry for the spam, but I'm trying to spread the word on this wherever I can, since it hasn't been on any of the major news outlets. Please spread the news if you can.

Here's the story. From accounts of the victims combined with the police report, a young man (Brandon Pettiford) and woman (Jessie Stout) were at a party. Pettiford (who is African-American) and Stout (Caucasian) danced together before Stout began to lead the intoxicated Pettiford out to her car in order to drive him home. Stout heard racial epithets spoken by Jesse Norton and David Rayhel as they walked out. After getting on the road, a pickup truck began pestering them--"brake-checking" them and honking at them. Eventually, the truck pulled away.

Stout then came upon the truck, blocking the road. Jesse Norton and David Rayhel were standing in the road near the truck and one hit Stout's car with his hand. This did no damage, but caused Jessie Stout to stop, exit her vehicle and engage them. One of the young men (unsure if it was Norton or Rayhel) grabbed her hair and began to punch her in the head.

Pettiford, who was intoxicated, then exited Stout's vehicle.  Britanie Parrish (who had been waiting in the pickup truck until this point) then exited the truck, grabbed Stout's hair from her attacker and began to beat her. Norton and Rayhel then advanced on and began to beat Pettiford--punching and kicking him primarily in his face.

Norton, Rayhel and Parrish then withdrew. Stout called 911. Paramedics were forced to airlift Pettiford from the scene due to his injuries.

Jesse Norton and David Rayhel were charged with Battery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury with a bond of $50,000. Britanie Parrish was charged with misdemeanor battery and released.

A couple petitions are circulating (a local one and one on to try to rightfully log this travesty as a hate crime (if not to increase the charges to something more than Battery), but the story isn't making the rounds on any of the national news circuits.

Brandon is family with an old family friend of mine. They are horrified, saddened, and angered by these events.

Petition to Direct the DOJ to Investigate

Vengeance for Brandon blog post has Jessie Stout's account of the events. WARNING! Some pics of Brandon appear in this, immediately following the beating.


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