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IDW Transformers- What's Good?

I know some members have talked up a particular series of IDW Transformers, but I forget which one.

As there is a Comixology sale this weekend I figured I would ask:

Which Transformers series is the best? And why?



  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    edited March 2013
    More Than Meets The Eye, holy cow what a book. This touches on subjects that you wouldn't even think about when it comes to sentient giant alien transforming robots.

    Hot Rod (Rodimus) has led about 200+ autobots into space in search of their ancestors, the Knights of Cybertron. You get stories of comedy, action, adventure, terror, horror, faith, relationships taking place in space, no Earth or Cybertorn and no Optimus vs Megatron, just wow. I had really low expectations for this title and it is now one of my favorites.
  • HellsfireHellsfire Posts: 89
    I read both Transformers: Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets the Eye and I would say Robots in Disguise is the better. That series deals more with the aftermath of the war, it's on Cybertron, and it deals with it WITHOUT Prime or Megatron plus neutral Cybertronians. I find that stuff far more interesting.

    Meets the Eye deals with mostly Autobots flying off in a ship to find something no one cares or knows about. While it started off interesting, it's a quest that isn't really going anywhere, and much like searching for X kid on a whole mess of TV show, the fact that you really don't know about the Knights of Cybertron weakens it.

    Also, I'd grab The Death of Cybertron. It's a thick one-shot that's basically a precursor for the pair.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    edited March 2013
    Robots In Disguise is good too, but after the last issue, I feel like the time and emotional investment that I had put into the 13 previous issues has been wasted a bit. That one takes place on Cybertron. Bumblebee is now leader of the Autobots and he is trying to rebuild as the neutral Cybertronians start to return now that the war is over. This one has more political intrigue and kind a like a West Wing and 24 mash up done Transformers style. My money is still on More Than Meets The Eye though.
  • GregGreg Posts: 1,946
    MTMTE, yeah the quest is dragging but Roberts is giving us a great deal more in characterization than what we're getting from Barber in RID.
  • TrustyMutsiTrustyMutsi Posts: 161
    I've been getting all the Transformers books IDW puts out, as they go on sale on Comixology. Of the stuff currently on sale, I've only read "The Death of Optimus Prime", and it was one of the best comics I've read in a long while.
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