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Been to Kennedy Space Center? Worth the ticket price?

Headed to Florida with the fam for a few days starting on Friday - going to Legoland and Universal (at least the Harry Potter part), and are considering the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex since I'm a space junkie since birth. But the ticket prices are pretty much theme-park-expensive, and I was curious to know if anyone had been and if it's worth the price of admission considering we'd pretty much be going just for the afternoon.

Opinions are greatly appreciated!


  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,511
    edited March 2013
    Haven't been since 1978. At that point, it was awesome. Of course, back then we were, you know, developing the shuttle fleet to send people back into space.
  • chriswchrisw Posts: 792
    I think late '70s, early '80s was around when I went, as well. I don't remember it being that expensive back then, but I was a kid, so who knows. I was big into space at the time, so I remember enjoying it, but I can't recall much about it. We went to the space center in Houston around that time, as well, so distinguishing what memories belong to what place is kind of difficult.

    Hopefully, someone who's been there more recently than thirty years ago will post.
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