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I own a CGC copy of Action Comics #1

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Ok, there is a catch as you can see in the image. I just could not pass up the chance to own at least a part of the most important comic book in history.


  • ctowner1ctowner1 Posts: 481
    cool. any idea of a ballpark figure of what that's worth? How on earth did that 1 page end up slabbed separately from the book? did the owner do that with a lot of the pages??

    L nny
  • That is awesome! I am a firm believer in the idea that the more beat up and used something is, the more love and magic it has.

    And that, sir, is the most loved, magical copy of Action #1 there is.
  • fxmattfxmatt Posts: 78
    A beat up copy is better than no copy!
  • apinionapinion Posts: 3
    On comiclink a few years ago they were auctioning off several pages from Action Comics #1, all CGC graded. Some were wraps, which had 2 pages. The non-Superman wraps went for around $1000. I think some of the Superman pages went for close to $4000! This single page I got for around $325. I have most all Marvel keys CGC graded (AF#15, FF#1, ASM#1, X-Men #1, Hulk #1, etc.) and sent my Superman #4 in to get graded last week. I knew getting a page of Action #1 would be as close as I could get to getting an actual copy of it.
  • ctowner1ctowner1 Posts: 481
    Not a fan of CGCing a book. I know it makes sense from a collector's POV, but it's not for me. If I own it, want to be able to hold it, turn the pages, read it. Although I guess if it's just a single page, you're not losing much in the slabbing!

    L nny
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