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Batgirl and Demon Knights

I am whittling down my monthly DCBS orders to save some money, and Demon Knights and Batgirl are next on the chopping block. I just read issue #17 of each last night and did not find anything compelling to keep me buying them. Any fellow forum members have any reasons I should keep getting either of these titles?

I liked Demon Knights in the beginning, but I feel like the story has dragged on and on and waiting 15 issues for someone to call them Stormwatch was not a great payoff. :-). New writer and Cain/vampire story seems a rehash of same story from I, Vampire and Justice League Dark with nothing motivating me to stick with it.

I've been buying Batgirl out of loyalty to Gail Simone and Barbara Gordon but have not been super impressed yet. Her temporary replacement sucks IMHO and Death of Family and James Gordon Jr stories have not interested me at all.

Any reason to save these two titles, have to decide by order deadline for March?


  • Chuck_MelvilleChuck_Melville Posts: 3,003
    I'd hold onto Demon Knights a little while longer if you're already this invested into it, simply because it's sales are terrible and it's not liable to last much longer anyway. You may as well hold out long enough to have the entire run.
  • I've been seeing the same sales info in posts here on the forums @Chuck_Melville and I am a completist, but I've been seeing so much New 52 in dollar bins at dealer shows in the area, so I think I'll just put them on my con list to satisify my collector OCD.

    2 titles at 1.79 on DCBS doesn't seem like a big spend but as a stay at home dad any reduction on my monthly comics spending makes my wife, and therefore me, happier. :-)
  • EarthGBillyEarthGBilly Posts: 362
    I had the same feeling about Demon Knights, and I ended up dropping the title. I have not regretted that choice, if that helps.
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    You are all dead to me... :)

    Seriously, though, get what you like, and when a title isn't doing it for you, by all means drop it. These funnybooks ain't getting any cheaper. Like Chuck, I think Demon Knights' days (issues?) are numbered (ugh! bad pun!) but I'm in it until it ends. Batgirl I've actually enjoyed, but I pick it up in trade, not monthly.
  • Thanks, @Torchsong I certainly agree with your sentiment. To steal a phrase from Homer, I'm not not enjoying either title, I'm just not wowed after 17 issues. I read my DCBS order starting with the titles I'm least excited to read each month, saving what I think is the best month to month for last. These two have been the first thing I've read for six months so they are the candidates for my money saving cuts.
  • EarthGBillyEarthGBilly Posts: 362
    For me, with Demon Knights, I loved it at the beginning, but then the pacing killed it for me.

    There was a time where I had three months of issues built up that I had not read, and read them in one sitting, and that was great... until the next month, with only one issue to read. I really think that it was something I should probably have picked up in trade. In larger chunks, the story pacing didn't bother me.
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    DK works really well in trade. I double-digital-dipped on it - bought the singles digitally and sprung for the trade in dead wood format. It was a total whim-purchase that floored me right out of the gate. I knew it would never last, and I'm surprised it's gone on this long. I've never been a fan of Etrigan or Vandal Savage but this book turned that around. I loved Shining Knight ever since Seven Soldiers (Morrison run). I'm hoping that when the series does end we haven't heard the last of characters like Horsewoman, Al-Jabr or Exoristos (be really interesting if she winds up being the proto-Wonder Woman).
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