Murd's Time Bubble Talkback: The Nineteenth Time

It's taken nearly six months, but the Bubble is back! From Green Arrow's Star City to Lex Luthor's White House, from the bright future of the 31st century to the dark days of World War II, listen in as Murd teases out the texture and topography of timespace. (2:12:53)

Listen here.


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    Woo hoo. The bubbles back. I was getting worried that Adam was lost in time somewhere!
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,363
    The sound is great Murd. And if it means more episodes of the time bubble, keep them coming! Welcome aboard Tammy! :-h
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    This itches me right where I scratch
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    I knew if I kept checking the feed religiously every day for six months, then finally a new episode would eventually appear!

    Great stuff this Time around.

    The sound quality is fine; the difference is negligible.

    Looking forward to more Bubble episodes and more input from everyone's favorite new sidekick and co-pilot/navigator(?) Tammy the Cat!
  • bats00bats00 Posts: 256
    I must concur. I had no issues with the sound quality.

    This show constantly brings me back to when I was working in a comic store and was getting, almost everything. Except for Jet Cat Clubhouse, I know I picked up all of the other issues off the stands. I do hope you check back in on Green Arrow again during Kevin Smith's run. I would like to hear your thoughts on who Stanley Dover ends up being related to.
  • Only about halfway through, but really enjoying this. Thanks for recording!

    Did I hear right that you HAVE read issue 7 of Smith's Green Arrow? How far past issue 1 are you? I assume you're not sharing every read with us.

    I also really liked Smith's GA (and most Kevin Smith comics). Brad Meltzer also has a great Green Arrow run after Smith. I recommend it.

    Thanks again!
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    Adam, you never have to apologize for being delayed in providing us free, high-quality entertainment such as this. As for the sound, I could hear the difference, but it was still of better sound quality than 99% of the podcasts out there.

    Thanks, as always, for another fine episode.
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    Excellent excellent excellent! Murd, I was afraid your other commitments (and life in general) had forced you to abandon the Time Bubble, so imagine my surprise to see a new episode in my feed! And a super sized one at that!

    You do great work... Good lord, even a Top Cat reference!

    My only comment about the audio was that the levels seemed a bit lower than other episodes... Maybe my imagination. But if doing it from your apartment means more episodes, then carry on, good sir, carry on!
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    I agree, the sound quality was excellent.
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    The sound quality was fine, and if recording from your kitchen eases the process and leads to more excursions in the Time Bubble, then I'm all for it.

    Happy to hear the love for Jetcat. She's such a fun character and I hope Jay Stephens gets back to her someday. And her existence pre-dates that Dark Horse "Land of Nod" mini-series, going back to at least a strip called Oddville he did for some alternative weeklies back in the 90s. I have an old collection of it kicking around, and I think it was re-collected by AdHouse a few years back. Worth checking out.

    I have a weird connection to that Dark Horse mini, though. Way back when I was first signing up for eBay, I was having a hard time finding a username that wasn't already taken. After having every suggestion I tried be denied, in frustration I looked around my room, saw the issue of Land of Nod I had just bought off the stands that day at my then-LCS, and typed in Jetcat... and it worked. So for about a decade and a half now, my eBay username has been based on an 8 year old girl superhero. Masculine, yes no, but I like it too anyway. :D

    And thanks for the shout out!
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    Just listened to the bulk of the episode on the way home from work last night. Glad you enjoyed Jetcat so much! I really dug the issue when I flipped through it ages ago and figured it'd be right up your alley. Now I'll just need to up my game next October to give you another diamond in the rough for 50 cents. ;)
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    The sound was great Murd. Listened to this on my long drive back from Coast Con almost 2 weeks ago. Was a great episode and kept me entertained.
  • JDickJDick Posts: 204
    Murd...any updates on the crisis tapes?
  • Thanks for doing a new episode!

    In regards of sound quality - if you could make the recording somewhat louder for the next episode please?

    I usually listen through my phone, and it was quite quiet even though I had it on full volume - I could hear it... but sometimes had to strain a little to hear it.

    So if that is possible to do, I would be much obliged!

    Thanks again for doing a new episode. I couldn't afford to read comics around 1999 to 2005 - so its great to hear about this era in comicbook history from you, Murd!
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    The episode sounded very good Murd. Good sound quality.

    Justice League: The Nail is a great comic. Great story. Super Alan Davis art. I highly recommend this to everyone.

    I liked Kevin Smith's run on Green Arrow. While I liked Connor Hawke, I have been a big Oliver Queen fan for a long time and I was happy to have him back. I hope that you'll follow the Kevin Smith run through future episodes and give us your opinion of them.

    Super Boy's Legion sounds like an interesting book and I'm going to be on the look out for it when I go to comic shops and if I make it out to any conventions.
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    Good stuff, and didn't notice any drop in sound quality. More please!
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    [edit: in case anyone reads this; never mind, I figured it out. He’s talking about Thunderbolts. Unfortunately, that issue is not listed in Marvel Unlimited. But maybe I’ll find it in a discount bin somewhere]
    Does anybody know what the 1st Marvel series he is talking about during the tiny bubbles segment at the end of this episode? I kept rewinding, but I could not catch the title: only the creative team and why it was the only consistently entertaining read during that period. Assistance, please...
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