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The Dave Wachter SuperShow sketch pre-order list!

Hey guys, I am now accepting pre-orders for SuperShow 2013. My schedule is very tight right now, so I'm afraid that I will won't be able to take very many orders. I will be working on these before the show and will have most of them ready to pickup, it's possible that I may have to finish a few on Saturday, depending on how many requests I get. I will be doing sketches at the con as well, but my list tends to fill up pretty fast. I'm offering 9x12 sketches for 10% off regular price. There are 4 different price levels to fit most any budget. I accept pre-payments via PayPal.

If you want a pre-order please EMAIL ME: [email protected]

Price list:
4x6 Mini Head Sketch - $10
4x6 Mini Sketch(on 6x8 paper) - $25
9x12 Head Sketch - $45
9x12 Full Sketch - $90(one additional character add $50)

$10 mini sketch:

$25 mini sketch:

$45 head sketch:

$90 full sketch:


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