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craptacular trade-a-thon

Couldn't make it to CGS Supershow for Saturday but I am representing with kids and brother on Sunday. My question come no talk of the craptacular trade-a-thon of misbegotten comics?

Oh well, guess times are tough.


for all those that did it in the past couple of shows you know what a hit it can be but for those that don't know what I am blither blabbing about it occurs when forum members would bring comics to trade. Leave some stuff and pick up some stuff. Sometimes there is a gem. I've left comics, trades, old playboys, that batman graphic novel where he comes back through time (meh) and that Superman graphic novel Earth-1 or something. The point is to unload stuff. It's not really very organized but it's green and kind of fun to trade your junk for someone else's.

Maybe next year.image


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