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I may have mentioned The Comic Conspiracy podcast before, but it deserves a mention in the "Other Comic Podcasts" thread as well.
My LCS (Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, CA) hosts a weekly podcast titled, appropriately enough, "The Comic Conspiracy". The podcast differs than most in that it's hosted by a comic shop retailer and his staff (they actually record in the shop after hours), so you get an insider's insight and perspective. They've been doing the podcast for a couple years+ now, and have over a hundred episodes in the bag. I mention it now for they just implemented a book club segment (very similar to the book of the month segment CGS used to do on a regular basis). June's book (which was announced in episode 111) is All-Star Superman.



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    Sorry, I meant to post last month's book club selection. It was David Schulner's Clone vol. 1 published by Image comics.

    This month's book club selection is Marvel Comic's X-Men: Second Coming.

    For those wishing to discuss the book and other podcast-related shenanigans, there's now a Facebook discussion group. (In order to partake in the the discussions, you'll need to request access to the group). Traditionally, books are discussed on whatever episode the last Monday of the month falls on, though the date isn't set in stone.

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    This month's book of the month selection is JLA Earth 2.
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    October's book of the month selection is Jim Henson's A Tale of Sand.
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    I like the selections. Will give your show a listen. Cheers.
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    You get your comics at the Hellmouth?
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    The book of the month for November is Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl From Nowhere by Jim Zub and Shun Hong Chan (published by Udon Entertainment).
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    The Comic Conspiracy's book-of-the-month pick for December is Marvel's The Infinity Gauntlet.
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    My local comic shop just got some love from the folks over at Bloody Disgusting .
    The Comic Conspiracy podcast (which is hosted by the staff at Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, CA was ranked fairly high on their comic book podcasts list. But don't take their word for it, by all means check it out for yourself. I've known everyone on that podcast for at least a decade now, and in some cases longer. They're good folks who are passionate about the books they sell, but not so Hell-bent on turning a profit that they'd refrain from giving an honest review of something they feel is complete drivel. What probably sets them apart from most comic book podcasts is that they're retailers as well as comic book fans. This brings an added element of insight to their discussions that's rarely heard elsewhere.

    Oh BTW, their book-of-the-month pick for May is the 12-issue DC series "Justice" by Alex Ross and Kim Kreuger.

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    Just downloaded it and will give it a listen later.
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