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What does MattyCollector usually charge for shipping?

The DCUC Captain Marvel Jr. (sorry... "Freddy Freeman") figure goes on sale on the site on Monday, and I'd love to pick it up but I'm already put off by the $20 price point. I might be able to convince myself if the shipping cost isn't ridiculous, but I figure it's probably, what, $10? Although I'm a huge Marvel Family fan and have a whole shelf of related figures in my nerd cave, I'm not enough of a toy collector to justify 30 bones on a single figure (nor can I imagine my wife being all "What the hell, get it" in this case).


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    EarthGBillyEarthGBilly Posts: 362
    The last time I ordered a figure from MattyCollector, the shipping was right around $10 for a single figure (like, $9.90 or $10.40 or something like that).

    Yeah, the shipping is ridiculous. In the past, I've considered their subscriptions, but then I add in the shipping, and an already iffy prospect zooms to insanity.

    If you were able to maybe order multiples, the combined shipping may off-set some of the cost, but only if you planned to sell the extras on the after-market... and that is a whole new set of problems!
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    LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    Yeah, that's just too much. If I can find one at some point, great, but if not, oh well.
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