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Comic Shenanigans!

Come join in on the listening fun with Comic Shenanigans! Comic Shenanigans is a comics-centric podcast, with weekly comic reviews episodes, as well as weekly special-topic episodes, focusing on everything from new comics-related movies, heroclix, video games, and more!

Here's a selection of some notable episodes over the past year, as we near Episode 100!

Book of the Month Club- June 2013- Aquaman Volume 1, Red She-Hulk Volume 1, Saga Volume 1-

Spotlight on Marvel Now! the First Wave-

Book of the Month Club- April 2013- Batman Volume 1, Hawkeye Volume 1, East of West #1-

Top 10 Favourite Daredevil Storylines-

Top 5 Favourite Hulk Storylines-

Top 5 Favourite X-Men-

Spotlight on Amazing Spider-Man: Dying Wish-

Top 5 Favourite Forgotten Characters-

Top 5 Favourite Wolverine Storylines-

Top 5 Favourite Spider-Man Storylines-

Top 5 Favourite X-Men Storylines-


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