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Red Robin

CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
edited April 2012 in Comic Book Binding
I'm trying to finish mapping out the Batman titles up to the big relaunch. I'm trying to bind most of these books first before reading them so I need a little help.

Red Robin #22 is part of the crossover with Batman and Gotham City Sirens. Does this issue have a big impact on the Red Robin run?

I want to bind Red Robin #15-21, 23-26 with Batgirl #14-24 and Batman Leviathan Strikes! Then include the Red Robin/Batman/Gotham City Sirens crossover in another bind.

Will that work?

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    MiraclemetMiraclemet Posts: 258
    Hey Corwin,

    For my Batgirl bind I was going to include the Collision storyline (Red Roboin 9-12), but how do those two other Red Robin threads (15-21, 23-26) fit in with Batgirl? Does Stephanie appear?

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    CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    edited December 2012
    I haven't read that far but I don't think so. The two doesn't seem to have contact in the second half of their series.

    EDIT: Oh I already answered just moved my post up.
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