Episode 1214 Talkback: Looking Ahead to the Super Wild Pig Show

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After some Avengers vs X-Men discussion we dive into all things Super Wild Pig Show. Chris and Dani from Wild Pig Comics join us in studio to discuss the details of the upcoming convention. (1:48:18)

Listen here.


  • KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 726

    Haven't listened to any of the episode yet past the theme song, but I heard him intro the show. Good to hear him again.
  • mguy1977mguy1977 Posts: 801
    What Kyle said...

    Yeah Deemer!!!

  • DEEMER!!! *finger-dance*

    Mike! You okay, brother? This is hardly the kind of news we like to hear about one of our beloved Geeks! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

    For what it's worth, JRJR has been solicited as the artist on Avengers vs. X-Men #1-#5, and Olivier Coipel has been solicited as artist on #6. The writers are rotating.
  • I'll just echo the others...really great to hear Bryan on this episode! Mike, I hope things take a better turn for you soon!

    I'm so excited for the Super Wild Pig Show! Can't wait! Also, Murd finger-bangs bowls!?
  • I'm sorry Mike. But not sure what I'm sorry about. Could anyone clue me in as to what happened, if I am meant to know, that is...
  • jaydee74jaydee74 Posts: 1,513
    That sucks Mike. I know how that goes. On more than one occasion. Hope you're doing okay. On a brighter note, the episode was great and I can't wait for Super Wild Pig.
  • Glad to hear Deemer back on the show. Thanks to J.K. and Chris at Wild Pig for the awesome prize! Can't wait to pick up the page from J.K.
  • fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,105
    It was great to hear Deemer back, but I kept waiting for him to announce that he's back for good and not simply for Super Wild Pig. However, no such announcement was made (maybe on another future episode airing this week?). I mean, he sounded as if he took over Pants' spot behind the board so it's gotta be legit, right?
  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    Wow, you guys made Super Wild Pig sound so enticing that I almost tried to squeeze a trip to Jersey into my "Golden Week" here in Japan. I'm off from May 3rd to May 7th, but alas....it's a bit too risky. My return flight wouldn't get back here until around 9pm. That's cutting it a little too close...
  • Murd,

    You are a formidable opponent. I will need to devise a more devious trap for our next "muddle" encounter.

  • Fade2BlackFade2Black Posts: 1,451
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    This was an entertaining episode to listen to even for someone who won't be attending the Super-Wild Pig Show. At one point you guys listed titles by Alex Robinson. One of his more recent books wasn't mentioned and since it's a title that often gets overlooked when people talk of his works, I thought I'd give it a mention here. The title in question is his adaptation of L. Frank Baum's A Kidnapped Santa Claus. I wouldn't put it on par with BoP or Tricked, but fans of Baum and/or Robinson will probably enjoy it nonetheless.

  • WebheadWebhead Posts: 453
    I gotta jump on the Deemer bandwagon, it good to hear you back Bryan. It is true what they say you do not know what you have until it is gone.

    Also like other have said, I am sorry to hear about the job Mike, hopefully everything will work out for you.
  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    Chris's laugh sounded like Dom DeLuise in the credit bloopers from The Cannonball Run. It made me smile.
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