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Hulk/She-Hulk comic suitable for children?

Hi there!
I was hoping to get a little bit of advice. I want to buy my little cousin (she's 9) this She-Hulk/Hulk figurine + magazine set here and was wondering if the magazine was suitable? Has anybody read it?If it's a little too adult, I'd rather jsut buy the figurine on its own.
ANy thoughts?


  • GregGreg Posts: 1,939
    Sorry, I don't anything about the magazine myself but I do want that chess collection.
  • Yeh it looks pretty awesome! :D
  • SolitaireRoseSolitaireRose Posts: 1,445
    I dunno about that magazine, but if you pick up the She-Hulk Essential and the 2nd or 3rd Hulk Essential, there are a LOT of comics in them that are fine for a 9 year old. I'd skip the first Hulk Essential, as the early stories are all over the place as they tried to figure out The Hulk.
  • that's super helpful thanks! I was a bit wary as when you google she-hulk, the images are a bit racy! Thanks :)
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