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Kray Z Comics and Stories Episode 150 is coming !!

Joe and I are doing a special episode next week, and we are going to talk about what WE would do if we were to open a comic shop now! So, I would like you to let me know what YOU would like to see in a brand new comic shop that aren’t available to you now! The suggestions don’t have to be serious, or they CAN be serious and silly. Some examples would be:

· Comic book related t-shirts

· A solid selection of 70’s back issues

· Messenger bags

· Bootleg Anime

· Legit Anime

· Punch and pie

It would also be fun if you sent us voice messages of congratulations…AND you can record your “what I want in a comic shop”. You can either record it and e-mail it or call our phone number and leave a message:

(952) 856-0519

It’s OK if you just want to send an e-mail too without a recording: [email protected]
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