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Idea for a Comic/Superhero podcast, sorta kinda similar to Welcome to Night Vale. Thoughts please.

Welcome to Night Vale

For the uninitiated, Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast that is sort of like an olde timey radio show. It mostly takes place through the eyes of Cecil Baldwin, news radio host for the fictional town of Night Vale. He reads the "news" about the weird town and also engages in the action. Its kinda like a radio show cross between The X Files and Twin Peaks. And its funny. And weird.

Anyway, it got me thinking. What if there was a comic book show/super hero podcast show like this? That featured original stories that were narrated and acted out? I think if the writing was good, people might like it.

Of course, the show would have to use original characters and stories.... or hope that the big guys (Marvel and DC) never noticed them. Which they probably wouldn't anyway.

But does anyone else think that would be fun?


  • pookiepookie Posts: 8
    I love that idea. seriously, do this.
  • SolitaireRoseSolitaireRose Posts: 1,445
    I have toyed back and forth with doing a "Political Talk Radio" parody podcast where I would play a Rush Limbaugh type in the Marvel Universe, complaining about things. My problem was that I couldn't help thinking it would be a one-note joke.

    Still, I always like the idea of someone doing an "old time radio" podcast and am surprised there are so few out there with new keep us informed if you go forward!
  • PlaneisPlaneis Posts: 980
    pookie said:

    I love that idea. seriously, do this.

    If only I was that good of a writer, and podcaster. Id love to participate in something like that though.
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