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Avengers versus X-Men help

bryciebrycie Posts: 10
edited April 2012 in Comic Book Binding
So you probably already know what I'm going to ask...

I'm mostly following Corwin's X-men map(s) through to current day, but I'm ALSO a fan of pretty much anything Bendis writes (don't throw things)... and have therefore a separate "Mostly-Avengers-but-otherwise-non-X-Men" bind series forming up.

With Avengers v X-men, I don't know which one to put them in?

-do I buy 2x? (ouch) I bought 1 of each of the "I'm with ...." for issue number one, but don't want to keep it up (but might have to)
-do I man-up and decide which one they go in?
-Is it going to end up being a more Avengers story (or X-men)? in which case it's an easier decision

I know it'll come down to personal preference, but I'm looking for some wisdom from those of you that have gone through this in some capacity before.

Thanks so much.

Best Answers

  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    Answer ✓
    Oh, I haven't even begun mapping AoA. I'm actually kicking myself because before I found out about binding I started switching to trades and ebay'd all my floppies. I'm working on collecting all the issues again.

    I've already got all of X-Factor vol 1 from 71-125 bound as well as 1-50 of new series. Most of the other 90s ones I'm also binding alone but I will pull key issues to include with my X-Men.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    Answer ✓
    AvX map has been UPDATED!

    AvX 4
    AvX Versus 2
    Uncanny X-Men 12
    Secret Avengers 27
    Avengers Academy 30
    Avengers 26
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    Answer ✓
    AvX map has been UPDATED!

    AvX 5
    Uncanny X-Men 13
    Wolverine & X-Men 11
    Avengers Academy 31


  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    edited April 2012
    Just like other events I'm going to make AvX it's own bind. So it'll fit between certain Avengers and X-Men binds.

    And Bendis got me into reading the much so that I started up an Avengers Podcast.
  • bryciebrycie Posts: 10
    Yes!! Love it! ps - I'm up to *organizing* (read: haven't sent in yet) Vol 65 of the Complete X-Men ./thumbsup
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    Be sure to post if you have any questions or better suggestions. I'm not above revising the order. I'm actually in the process of adding some stuff to volume 2.
  • bryciebrycie Posts: 10
    Cool. Yeah, Once I get it all sorted, I'll ping you some notes.

    This next part may belong more in the other thread & I can move it over if you think it'd help others for the Complete X-Men reading, but mine basically follows yours ~75%, but I skip a lot of the supplementals you included (eg. Rogue 1-4 & Cyclops Icons 1-4, etc.) and only included about half of the X-Men Unlimited's (obvi kept the important ones).

    The biggest change to mine was that I added in ALL of X-Factors (Vol's 1 & 3, lol, skipped Vol.2) and X-Forces (1-115) b/c I had them and wanted to tie them in. I also added about 75% of the Cable, Gen X and X-Man... which needless to say, made the 90's a nightmare to organize ;-)

    One thought off the top of my head for what it's worth, is that I think you got lazy w/ your AoA bind, lol, I'm not sure if you ACTUAL one differs, but you just did issues 1,1,1,1->2,2,2,2, etc. lol, not a criticism, just that you were so meticulous over so much of it, that I was surprised of this, but oh well, that was a messy web in any capacity.

    I'll be organized through current times within a week. Our living room is a disaster zone and my wife will be happy about that, lol.

    Thanks again!
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    AvX map has been UPDATED!

    AvX 9
    New Avengers 29
    X-Men Legacy 271
    Avengers Academy 34

    and a bunch of earlier issues...

    shifted a few issues around in volume 2 to fix continuity errors...unspliced list is going to look quite different soon. May have to iron out some pacing issues soon.
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    AvX Mapping UPDATED!

    AvX 10
    Avengers Academy 35
    Avengers 29

    Moved Avengers Academy 34 up.
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    UPDATED! Click here

    Due to a few requests I moved the un-spliced list above the spliced list.

    Wolverine and the X-Men 15
    X-Men Legacy 272
    Uncanny X-Men 17
    AvX Versus 5 (added to volume 1)
    moved New Avengers 29

    ...going to have to figure out the pacing of the main story with the Avengers Academy and X-Men Legacy side stories...
  • bryciebrycie Posts: 10
    Thanks for being so diligent about this.

    For my part I'm most likely going to find sometime when Magik was still powered and post the whole Rogue story as a sort of aside : / I don't really like doing this (I don't understand why they had to randomly insert a separate Rogue story in the midst of the best x-men x-over in years)
    Another thought I'm considering is tacking it onto the very end as a sort of "by the way, this happened in the middle of it" type of thing.

    oh, and thanks for moving up the non-spliced version, that's what I'm more interested in :)
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    Lol I hear you... I think Rogue is back in AvX #11.
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    UPDATED! Click here

    AvX 12
    Uncanny X-Men 19
    AvX Versus 6
    Avengers 30
    X-Men Legacy 234

    Got to see how some of the aftermath stuff plays off. There is certainly something that is supposed to happen before New Avengers 30. Besides that I've got to look over the pacing again.

    Probably going to change where I split the volumes as well. Volume 2 is almost twice the size of volume 1.
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    UPDATED! Click here

    Wolverine and the X-Men 18
    Uncanny X-Men 20
    Uncanny Avengers 1
    AvX Consequences 1
    AvX Consequences 2
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    UPDATED! Click here

    AvX Consequences 3
    AvX Consequences 4
    AvX Consequences 5

    Waiting on Uncanny Avengers #2 before finalizing my map
  • CorwinCorwin Posts: 549
    edited January 2013
    Finalized my binding order!

    It's slightly different than before. I've also added it to the bottom of the original order in the first forum post

    AvX 2 Volume Set:

    AvX 0
    AvX Program Guide pgs 1-8
    Avengers 25
    AvX Infinite Nova story (digital only right now)
    AvX 1 (1/2) pgs 1-23 stop Cap/ Iron Man "Do you know where?"
    Wolverine & X-Men 9
    Avengers 26 (1/2) pgs 1-12 stop fly into space
    AvX 1 (2/2)
    New Avengers 24
    Uncanny X-Men 11 pgs 1-10 (1/5) "but Namor will never be amongst them"
    AvX 2 (1/4) pgs 1-22 stop "Don't make me take her by force."
    AvX Versus 1 Magneto Vs Iron Man
    Uncanny X-Men 11 (2/5) pgs 11-16,23-28 Colossus Vs Rulk
    AvX Versus 1 Namor Vs Thing
    AvX 2 (2/4) pgs 23-24 stop "You don't understand"
    Uncanny X-Men 11 (3/5) pgs 17-18 stop "but it hasn't gone bad"
    Uncanny X-Men 11 (4/5) pgs 29-32 end of issue
    AvX 2 (3/4) pgs 25-26 stop "Hope?"
    Uncanny X-Men 11 (5/5) pgs 21-22 stop "I'm running towards one"
    AvX 2 (4/4) pgs 27 - end of issue
    Secret Avengers 26
    Secret Avengers 27
    Secret Avengers 28
    Avengers 26 (2/2) pgs 13-end
    Avengers 27
    AvX 3 (1/3) pg 1-10 Wolverine “head start on findin Hope”
    Avengers Academy 29
    Avengers Academy 30
    Avengers Academy 31
    AvX 3 (2/3) pg 11-16 Stop Rachel’s report “Already on the trail”
    Wolverine and X-Men 10 (1/2) pg 1-24 stop Cyclops “not the only X-Man here”
    X-Men Legacy 266 (1/2) pg 1-6
    Wolverine and X-Men 10 (2/2) pg 25- end
    AvX 3 (3/3)
    X-Men Legacy 266 (2/2) pg 7-end
    X-Men Legacy 267
    Uncanny X-Men 12 (1/2) pg 1-22 stop "excellent bludgeon"
    Wolverine and the X-Men 11 (1/4) pg 1-4 stop "do miss those days"
    AvX 4 (1/4) pg 1-16 stop “leaves one possible place”
    Wolverine and the X-Men 11 (2/4) pg 5-14 "an Angel can be pushed too far"
    AvX Versus 5 Black Panther Vs Storm
    Wolverine and the X-Men 11 (3/4) pg 15-28 "Hello?"
    AvX Versus 2 – Spider-Man Vs Colossus
    AvX 4 (2/4) pg 17-18 stop “even Hank, they all agree”
    AvX Versus 2- Captain America Vs Gambit
    Wolverine and the X-Men 11 (4/4) pg 29-end
    AvX 4 (3/4) pg 19-24 stop “I can feel it”
    Uncanny X-Men 12 (2/2) pg 23- end
    AvX 4 (4/4) pg 25- end
    Uncanny X-Men 13 (1/3) pg 3-22 stop "time to tidy up"
    Uncanny X-Men 13 (2/3) pg 1-2
    AvX 5 (1/2) pg 1-12
    AvX Versus 3
    AvX 5 (2/2)
    Uncanny X-Men 13 (3/3) pg 23-end
    AvX 6 (1/2) pg 1-26 stop "Need the Iron Fist"
    Avengers Academy 32
    Avengers Academy 33
    AvX Versus 5 Hawkeye Vs Angel
    X-Men Legacy 268
    New Avengers 25
    New Avengers 26
    Avengers Academy 34- not directly tied into AvX
    Avengers Academy 35- not directly tied into AvX
    Avengers Academy 36- not directly tied into AvX
    Wolverine and the X-Men 17- not directly tied into AvX

    Volume 2
    Uncanny X-Men 14
    New Avengers 29
    Wolverine and the X-Men 16
    AvX 6 (2/2)
    AvX 6 Infinite (digital only)
    Wolverine and the X-Men 12 (1/2) pg 1-26 stop "It is your fight"
    Avengers 29
    Wolverine and the X-Men 12 (2/2)
    Wolverine and the X-Men 13
    Uncanny X-Men 15
    Uncanny X-Men 16
    Uncanny X-Men 17
    AvX 7 (1/2) pg 1-24 stop "I haven't told Scott"
    New Avengers 28
    Avengers 28
    X-Men Legacy 269
    X-Men Legacy 270
    AvX 7 (2/2)
    AvX 8
    New Avengers 27
    Wolverine and the X-Men 14
    AvX Vs 4
    AvX 9
    AvX 10
    Wolverine and the X-Men 15
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (1/6) pg 1-4 stop "I'm winning"
    AvX 11 (1/6) pg 1-4
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (2/6) pg 5-12 "yes. yes we are."
    AvX 11 (2/6) pg 5-16 "stop this madness"
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (3/6) pg 14-13, 15-22 "is going terribly"
    AvX 11(3/6) pg 17-24 "we're done here Scott"
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (4/6) pg 23-24 "Emma my love"
    AvX 11 (4/6) pg 25-26 "Don't--"
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (5/6) pg 26-25 (yes in that order)
    AvX 11 (5/6) pg 29-30 (27-28 are ads)
    Uncanny X-Men 18 (6/6) pg 27-end
    AvX 11 (6/6) pg 31-end
    AvX 12 (1/2) pg 1-6 stop "I should blame you"
    AvX Versus 6 (1/2) Scarlet Witch Vs Hope
    AvX 12 (2/3) 7-34 stop "but that means...yeah..."
    Uncanny X-Men 19
    AvX 12 (3/3)
    AvX Versus 6 (2/2)
    New Avengers 30
    Uncanny X-Men 20
    X-Men Legacy 274- not directly tied into AvX
    AvX Consequences 1
    AvX Consequences 2
    AvX Consequences 3
    AvX Consequences 4
    AvX Consequences 5
    X-Men Legacy 275- not directly tied into AvX
    (I'm adding an insert saying something like: "Wonder what happened to Rogue after she was banished by Magik? Turn the page!")
    X-Men Legacy 271- not directly tied into AvX
    X-Men Legacy 272- not directly tied into AvX
    X-Men Legacy 273- not directly tied into AvX
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