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Sex Criminals (Pre-Recording Discussion/ Questions)

For Indie month, the March Book of the Month Club selection is Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals Volume One: One Weird Trick, published by Image Comics. The collected edition is issues 1-5, for those playing along with the singles (which, given this book, sounds like a euphemism).

What did you think? What sort of questions would you like to add to the discussion? Will it be strange to hear @Adam_Murdough‌ , the voice of Christmas, give a naughty plot synopsis? Join in. Earmuffs!


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    luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    I need to say one thing on this one, in preperation for the geeks. I know this is BOOK of the month club and hence you guys always read a trade of said series. In this case do yourselves a favour and read the issues instead. The letters pages are as good as the actual comic itself. I laugh out loud so much reading this book from front to back. You'd be doing yourselves a disservice missing out on half the fun.
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    luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    I'll also add another post on story/art etc... When I've re-read the issues.
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    I hope you enjoy this roller-coaster ride of emotion! Seriously though, this volume, which I read as separate issues, had me furious that I had to wait so long between issues. Fraction's writing coupled with Chip's engaging visuals combine to lift this from being a perverted chuckle to a rip-roaring jaunt back to high school, with all the melodrama and spunk that went with it. Or so my friends told me. I was reading comics.
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    fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,131

    Grab the future BOMC book "Sex Criminals vol. 1" for $5! It's like comiXology knew!
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