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Classic BOMC- Animal Man Volume 1 (from December 2005)

And now, a classic CGS BOMC episode from the archives.

The book is the (now out of print, I think, as it has been replaced with an Omnibus) Animal Man Volume 1. Which has the first 9 issues of the Morrison/Grummett/Truog series.

Unfortunately the original discussion thread for this episode is long lost to a crash several forums ago. But as a part of the new BOMC category, I wanted to plug some classics to those who may have not listened back to CGS this far. And I would invite others to do the same.

I had already emailed the guys a few times in their first year, but I think it was this episode that got me posting on their original forum for the first time. It is a really fun and contentious discussion. Part of the fun is how polarizing the most esoteric issue of the book-- #5 "The Coyote Gospel" was in the room. That even though this was a series I loved, I enjoyed that not everyone I was listening was going to be on board, too. They had some big reactions, and were going to stand by them. I think this episode really helped distinguish some of the tastes and episodes of the different hosts for me. The episode also has a great guest-- comics blogger and academic Geoff Klock. And early BOMC classic, and worth going back for.

Listen here.


  • Agreed. This was a great episode, discussing a great book.
  • dubbat138dubbat138 Posts: 3,200
    edited January 2015
    I just gave this episode a re-listen last week. Before it even aired I figured that Deemer wouldn't like the book. I had picked up on that he wasn't a person that liked stories with more than the surface level. What did surprise me is how once Matt saw the deeper religious implications of the Coyote Gospels he hated it even more. Like Matt I am not a religious person. But have no problems with a dose of any religion in my entertainment. Hell I just watched the Left Behind film with Nic Cage and was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. But what I don't get is people comments on how the thought the art wasn't good. Was it great art,far from it. But it wasn't bad.

    I started reading Animal Man with the second issue and hung in with it until the end.
  • chrislchrisl Posts: 78
    I vividly remember listening to this episode way back. It was great show and I can't wait to hear it again.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    "Wait. Is there someone in the room who didn't like the Coyote Gospel?"
    Classic CGS moment.
    Bring back Geoff Klock
  • rebisrebis Posts: 1,820
    Caliban said:

    "Wait. Is there someone in the room who didn't like the Coyote Gospel?"
    Classic CGS moment.
    Bring back Geoff Klock

    I had forgotten about Geoff Klock. He needs to come back for a discussion on Multiversity.
  • rorschach51rorschach51 Posts: 16
    edited July 2015
    You could tell the guys really like him through the first 2 episodes he was on. However after that second episode featuring Klock, Brian Deemer's dislike of anything Morrison started to become more and more apparent. To the point where (during that BOMC), you could hear Deemer in the background (Just slightly) over Klock's mile a minute ramblings muttering. You could hear some ice forming there about 30-35 minutes into the BOMC, with the none of the comic geeks able to get a word in edgewise. And less than a hour later Geoff Klock's voice is never heard on Comic Geek Speak again.
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