Rules for Muddle the Murd?

What are the rules for stumping the man? I know it's 1 DC, 1 Marvel and 1 Indie but i can't recall the years he wanted. I think it would be nice if this was a sticky so people in the forum can just look here instead of DLing an ep to find out.


  • KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 726
    1970-2000 inclusive
    post 2000
  • Thanks.
  • I was thinking of asking this too. Great reference.... Now to the hunt!
  • JohnTiltonJohnTilton Posts: 113
    where do I ask these types of things? do I just email them in?
  • Yes, and the email is [email protected]
  • JohnTiltonJohnTilton Posts: 113
    now I just have to devise a sinister plan to make this the start of my takeover of all world activities. is there a door prize?
  • That's up to the geeks. In the past they have giving out prizes to people who could stump them but it doesn't happen all the time. They will say when they're giving out prizes.
  • PantsPants Posts: 551
    We mentioned it on the show, but I don't know if it was ever posted before that we currently have a prize for Muddle the Murd. Artist Alex Serra is giving away an inked sketch of a character of your choice if you Muddle the Murd. He's giving four sketches away and we've already had two winners.
  • I'm behind on my CGS,how many Muddles have there been in total?
  • PantsPants Posts: 551
    There's been four Muddle the Murd segments and Murd is two out of four.
  • brydeemerbrydeemer Posts: 216

    Maybe it's not too late to start an archive of the Muddle the Murd segments on the forums here. It would be a good resource and fun thing to browse through.

  • ctowner1ctowner1 Posts: 479
    I'm a little unclear here - do the submission have to be:

    1 DC, 1 Marvel and 1 Indie


    1 pre-1970, 1 1970-2000 inclusive, and 1 post 2000?

    Is that it?

    L nny (also behind on eps - hey! it was rotisserie baseball prep time lately! :^)
  • KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 726
    That is correct. You can mix and match them however you'd like as long as there's 3 questions with one DC, one Marvel and one other and one pre-1970, one 1970-2000 inclusive and one post-2000.
  • ctowner1ctowner1 Posts: 479
    cool! Thanks for the clarification.

    L nny
  • Thanks, Kyle Moyer! I've been trying to figure out what song that intro was from.
  • KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 726
    The most recent episode left it on and not-talked over for a long enough time that I was able to shazam it.

    And who "off-topic"ed that?
  • I did. Didn't know it was in reply to something in this thread.
  • KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 726
    It's the Muddle the Murd music that plays everytime they begin the segment.
  • I'm behind on my CGS,still haven't heard one segment.
  • LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    I had no idea that was a Cowsills song. Huh.
  • bamfbamfbamfbamf Posts: 718
    Did you guys get my Muddle the Murd? I can't wait to hear if you guys use it!!!
  • random73random73 Posts: 2,318
    Anybody ever try to muddle murd with an independent question from the Mercury and the Murd title? I thought that would be fun so I just submitted two.
  • Adam_MurdoughAdam_Murdough Posts: 401
    edited June 2012
    *Clarification: Questions pertaining to older comics originally published by non-Marvel/DC publishers should be categorized as "Independent," even if said comics were later reprinted by, and/or involve characters that were later acquired by, Marvel or DC. (Example: Captain Marvel/Shazam! in the '70s="DC," but Captain Marvel in the '40s=Fawcett Publications="Independent"!)

    Early (pre-Fantastic Four) comics published by Timely/Atlas still count as "Marvel," and both All-American and National Periodical Publications count as "DC."
  • bamfbamfbamfbamf Posts: 718
    Is my muddle submission in the queue?? I can't wait!!
  • random73random73 Posts: 2,318
    edited June 2012
    Please forgive my seemingly brash demeanor, CGSers, but it seems to me that many of the questions for "Muddle the Murd" to date seem to be overly difficult; many include many more than just three questions. For example, I respectfully submit that it is improper to submit a question that asks something such as, "Name the eight characters on the cover of Who Gives A Crap Comics, issue #38." Really? What if Murd gets 7 of 8? Is he still muddled?

    For the sake of fairness, I propose that all future questions submitted can be answered with a single answer, rather than a string of answers that "masquerade" as "one" answer. No longer should he be asked to tolerant questions such as "Name all the artists who..." or "Name all the members of..." or "List every issue that..." Those are not single questions, and thus should be avoided (in my humble opinion).

    Yes, I love Murd and am trying to protect him. No, this is not Murd's mother typing under a pseudonym!

    Have a sequential-art kind of day, everyone!
    Hear! Hear! I second the motion. I've thought this a number of times over the last couple months and wholeheartedly agree.
  • UrbalcloudUrbalcloud Posts: 42
    I agree with the above. One question - one answer - one world - one love... Wait, nevermind. Now it's become a reggae song...
  • I think people are putting the screws to Adam because his knowledge is vast and fearful. Peter clearly had limits but everyone think Adam does not.
    Perhaps asking him question you could answer yourself would be a good guideline. Anyone can research useless and obscure questions about anything to stump anyone. Where is the fun in that?
    Adam is a well meaning lad faced with an unrelenting torrent of 'I'll get you" mentality.
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
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    Perhaps asking him question you could answer yourself would be a good guideline. It's not a plane, it's not a bird, who is it?
    He doesn't have 8 legs but can climb like one of them insects. What's his name?

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