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Any way to download all episodes?


I'm a long time listener that took a couple years off and am looking to catch up (and eventually re-listen to all/most episodes). Does anyone have a torrent?



  • DoctorDoomDoctorDoom Posts: 2,586
    Aren't all of their episodes available on their website?

    And if not, you can get the CGS app for 0.99. Cheap!
  • XofreXofre Posts: 2
    Hi DD, thanks for the reply.

    The episodes are available on the website but there is not a good way to navigate them. I have an Android phone and purchased the app from the Google Play Store back when it first came out but it is no longer on there. I checked Amazon and they have an older version - technically it works, just wish there was a way to reverse sort by date (showing earliest on top).

    Ultimately, my goal is to "collect" all of the episodes and have them on a hard drive on my local network at home so I can listen to them from any of my devices (phone, laptop, ps4, etc).

    Thanks again.
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