Episode 1650 Talkback - The 2017 C2E2 Tapes

Pants and Murd were in Chicago for C2E2 and did some interviews with Steve Bryant, Shawn Pryor and Martheus Wade, and Julie Benson and Shawna Benson. (1:06:04)

Listen here.


  • GregGreg Posts: 1,927
    edited April 2017
    Sorry I missed the con. I was hell bent on finally meeting Martheus and hoping to run into @Adam_Murdough and @Pants. I'm glad to hear everybody had a good time.

    The teaser trailer for the Revival film that was showed at C2E2.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 481
    Except for the issues with the volume, I always enjoy these "pants-on-the-floor" convention episodes! This one was no different:
    Steve Bryant: Wow, interesting. I think I might even start getting Athena Voltaire!
    Shawn Pryor/Martheus Wade: so funny! And I liked how they kept saying if it wasn't for CGS they wouldn't have gotten started in comics.
    "Mike": I didn't catch the last name, but interesting comments and seems like he gave the guys some good presents. I think he spoke for most all of us listeners when he talked about the sense of camaraderie that CGS brings.
    Pants/Murd: Of course, it's always nice to hear what they bought after the bin dives and what events they attended. I was a little surprised to hear Pants wasn't buying the current Detective series (since Batwoman is in that ..)
    The Benson Sisters: of course, always fun to hear them, but the thing I wanted to hear was their reaction to winning a CGS award. (Well, maybe I missed it...the volume was a little low).
    ....and where was Uncle Sal I wonder. Family obligations?
    Anyway, wow C2E2 sounds like the comic show to go to!
  • Pants (and Murd too!) ... thanks so much. What a nice little bonus this was. I hadn't heard Shawn and Martheus before. Very funny guys.

    And, of course, any episode with the Benson sisters is always guaranteed to be fun. Great to hear them again.
  • matchkitJOHNmatchkitJOHN Posts: 1,013
    That was fun. I hope they make it to C2E2 next year. I'd like to get a picture with them.
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 532
    A pleasure getting to hang with you fine fellas, @Adam_Murdough and @Pants! Until next time...
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