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WildPig FCBD Sale this Sat., May 6th!

I encourage any and all listeners who are within driving distance to join us this Saturday, May 6th, from noon to 6 PM, at my shop, WildPig Comics, for our 18th anniversary sale and FCBD event! Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday, May 6th, noon to 6 PM

WHERE: WildPig Comics, 14 S. Michigan Ave., Kenilworth, NJ (minutes from Rt. 22 East and GSP Exit 138)

THE SALE: We're bringing in thousands of freshly acquired back issues for the sale. Look for books from the Silver Age to the present! 30,000 back issues will be in stock!
-25% off all back issues (yup, that includes 50 cent comics, sticker price back issues, and wall books)
-25% off used trades
-50% off new trades
NEWSFLASH: We've just acquired an enormous Batman collection. This collection is easily one of the finest I've purchased in my 18 years of retailing (I've pulled over 30 wall books out of the lot thus far). Look for a significant number of high end Silver Age in the Batman and Detective runs, as well as almost complete runs of the aforementioned titles and Brave and the Bold from the Bronze Age to the present. Please visit our Facebook page for a teaser image.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: We'll have a wide selection of FCBD books on hand.(1 copy per title per customer while supplies last)

THE RAFFLE: In honor of our dear departed comrade from the CGS podcast, Jamie D, half of the raffle proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative ( The raffle will be held at approximately 3 PM, and each ticket will be $1 (buy 6 tickets for $5). Customers are welcome to purchase as many tickets as they wish for any particular item or items. Statues, IDW artist editions, and wall books will be on hand. Here's the complete list of raffle items:
-Darwyn Cooke Batman Black and White Statue
-Darwyn Cooke Superman Statue
-Francis Manapul Flash Statue
-Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks Artisan Edition from IDW
-Chris Samnee Dardevil Artist Edition from IDW
-America's Best Comics Artist Edition from IDW
-Jim Lee Harleyquinn Red White and Black Statue
-Master of Kung Fu Omnibus Vol. 3
-Batman#133 in VG
We're also holding a last chance raffle at the conclusion of the raffle, so don't throw away your tickets!

As an added bonus, legendary CGS cast members Brian "Pants" Christman and Adam "Murd" Murdough will be in attendance!

We always enjoy meeting listeners, so please join us if you're able. Many thanks!


Chris Eberle, WildPig Comics


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