Episode 1655 Talkback - A Conversation with Karl Kesel

Presenting a CGS sit-down with veteran creator Karl Kesel: Inker, Inditer, and Impresario of the Impossible!! Flush with victory after the successful funding of a Kickstarter campaign to revive his and Tom Grummett's creator-owned comic SECTION ZERO, the celebrated Mr. K joins us to discuss the second life of that series; several of his fan-favorite past projects; and any other topic we throw at 'im. Good clean fun with a true gentleman of the comics profession! (1:07:20)

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  • Mark_EngblomMark_Engblom Posts: 301
    edited June 2017
    Fun interview! Interesting to learn more about his life and career. Hoping for more pro interviews, particularly others from Kesel's generation of creators, who (with few exceptions) remain a bafflingly marginalized, often ignored group of extremely talented people.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Great interview Brian and Adam.

    It's too late to back his project on Kickstarter, but you can find out more about his Section Zero project at this link
  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 446

    I had forgotten how much I missed the creator interviews.
  • TheOriginalGManTheOriginalGMan Posts: 1,761
    What a fun episode. I was unfamiliar with Karl prior to this, but he was great. Loved the Marvel vampire/apes story! Oh, and the bonus audio at the end was awesome too!
  • ChrisBeckettChrisBeckett Posts: 483
    Great episode, gents! Really enjoyed it.

    Thank you, as always.

  • Karl Kesel always reminds me of the Byrne Superman era. If anybody out there hasn't read those books, please do yourselves a favor and hunt those babies down. Magniconte!
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
    Great interview! Thanks guys :)
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 532
  • alienalalienal Posts: 481
    Yep, nice to hear an interview again! And a good interview it was, and hey, I wouldn't have minded more talk about original comic art, especially since it was apparent that both Karl and Pants were into it. It's weird, I know I have a copy of the original Section Zero #1 from Gorilla, but I guess it must be in my mom's basement somewhere since I can't find it here. Ah, I wonder if I can find that Crimson Plague #1? It's possible... Anyways, I'm kinda confused about the printing and release of the book: the hardcovers are for the supporters (right?), but won't the book be available to be sold elsewhere? I'd certainly like to read it someday. Say, maybe you could do a follow-up interview with Tom Grummett. I won a sketch from him at a sketch duel at Fan Expo last year. I've always loved his art style (too bad he wasn't commissioned to draw a superhero sketch with the one I won).
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