• I only got to meet and talk with Len once, a dozen or so years ago, so I didn't really know him. But everyone I know who was friends with him loved him dearly. I don't think I've ever heard a bad word spoken against him. He was never one of my favorite writers, but I was rarely disappointed with anything he wrote. He was a solid, talented guy, and a vital part of comics as we know them today. Terrible news indeed.
  • DARDAR Posts: 897
    Very sad
  • He was the inspiration for Cain... DC's horror host, and later featured in Sandman.
  • Len as Cain, and Mark Hanerfeld as Abel. Hanerfeld was an assistant editor at DC at the time. He not only co-created Abel, but served as the model. He passed away in 2000.

  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,359
    Sad news. Looking forward to the Swamp Thing Bronze Age omnibus coming out in October, to check out the early days of Swampy, thanks to two legends who are no longer with us.
  • HexHex Posts: 912
    Sad news indeed... Had a great chat with Len at Fan Expo a couple years back. He had some good stories to share. Even signed my Hulk #181.
  • Most pictures of him has a big smile. RIP
  • Very sad news. Swamp Thing: Deadly Genesis is one of my all-time favorite TPBs. And if you didn't get his recent Swamp Thing mini with Kelley Jones on art, I recommend that, too. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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