WildPig's Fall Sale Is Almost Here! Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st!

It's time! We're pulling out all the stops for our annual fall sale. Here's the skinny:

WHERE: WildPig Comics, 14 S. Michigan Ave., Kenilworth, NJ (minutes from GSP Exit 138 & Rt. 22 East)

WHEN: Sat., Sept. 30th, 10 AM-6 PM & Sun., Oct. 1st, 12 noon-8 PM

THE SALE: 25% off all back issues, "like new" used trades, Toon Tumblers, and games. We've bought collections large and small for this event; over 15,000 fresh back issues, from the Silver Age to the present, will be added to our already large inventory. 40,000 back issues, 150 long boxes, will be on the sales floor! Not to mention 2,000 "like new" used trades! Wall books, "below guide" sticker price books, 50 cent comics: all will be 25% off! When it comes to a vast selection at affordable prices, we are New Jersey's leading back issue shop.

THE RAFFLE: The legendary WildPig raffle returns! On Sat. at approximately 3 PM, we'll be raffling off wall books, statues, IDW Artist Editions, and more! Raffle tickets will be $1 a piece; 6 tickets for $5! Half of the raffle proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative. Check out our Facebook page in the days to come for images of raffle items. Among the goodies up for grabs will be the latest Thanos statue (holding aloft the Cosmic Cube!), Incredible Hulk#180 (Fine) and #182 (F/VF) ( a two-in-one prize!), Harley Quinn#1 (NM), IDW New Gods Artist Edition, IDW Forever People Artists Edition, and much more!

Listeners have traveled considerable distances for previous sales, and I do my utmost to make the trek worthwhile. That is very much the case this time around, so please join us! As always, thanks for the support, and for listening!


Chris, WP


  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Good luck and Godspeed, Chris! I hope that on Monday morning 10/2, your coffers are full and your shelves are all empty.
  • sp005sp005 Posts: 2
    My daughter and I were there today (Sunday). The selection that Chris has is unparalleled and his staff is great. I found myself picking up some books I never even knew existed. You never know what you are going to find in the bins or on the shelves. I left with the equivalent of a short box containing books and trades. I am fortunate in being semi-local, but even if you are not the sale is well worth the drive.

    Only regret is not being able to make it Saturday for the raffle or to see any of the geeks.
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