Episode 1673 Talkback - Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

Ragnarok is upon us! The Geeks convene to pass judgment on this radically different cinematic vision of Marvel's God of Thunder and his corner of the MCU. The Twilight of the Gods was never this much fun! (47:08)

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  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    Hmm, I'm surprised no one has posted here yet. Quite bizarre! Anyway, like the four CGS guys who spoke in this episode, I had mixed feelings about the movie. I enjoyed the craziness of it, but I felt they played up the comedy a bit too much at times (in particular the one scene where Banner jumped out of the aircraft and it looks like he'll turn into the Hulk but...). AND I really missed SIF, Jane and her gang, and I really despised the early demise of the W3. On the other hand, I really liked Valkyrie and the Executioner. I also thought Hela - though I loved her costume and the shifting, growing horns of her headdress - was not that good of a villain. And Grandmaster for me was the weakest part of the movie, though I suppose the after credits scene left a bad taste in my mouth concerning him. So, in the end, I agree it was crazy fun, but the "grand mythic" part of it just kinda got left out overall.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    The team-up, the effects, most of the jokes, and Hela as the villain. And, FWIW, I happened to be extremely amused by Goldblum's hamming it up.

    The jokes were sometimes flat, the Ragnarok portion seemed to only be a backdrop instead of the point, and I didn't like how insignificantly Sif and the Warriors Three were treated.

    I still enjoyed it and felt it was the most thrilling of the Thor entries so far. I also rank it as one of my Top Ten Marvel cinematic universe films.
  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 474
    On the basis of the reviews, I've decided to wait for the DVD.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    aquatroy said:

    On the basis of the reviews, I've decided to wait for the DVD.

    The geek's reviews? Or RottenTomatoes? It's currently at 92% fresh by 298 critics and 89% fresh by the audience.

    I thought it was a blast.
  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 474
    The Geeks.

    I get the feeling that Ragnarok is inching towards spoof. And, Warriors Three?!??!?!? Really?
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,170
    I kept thinking this during Ragnarok:

    It’s why I think “comedy” with the cut we got is a mislabel.
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