Episode 1674 Talkback - November 2017 Previews

It's time once again to go through the Previews catalog. This time it's the November 2017 listing for items shipping to stores beginning in January of 2018. (1:00:59)

Listen here.


  • Re: the question of whether or not Eisner’s Contract with God was the first original graphic novel, the short answer is no. The problem, of course, is that there is no one specific definition of what the term “graphic novel” means. There are publications dating back to 1828 that could qualify as an original graphic novel depending upon one’s definition. But I think even under the strictest of definitions, Contract with God is not the first. It wasn't even the first to use the term “graphic novel” on its cover (a term coined in 1964), though it certainly played a large role in popularizing the term.
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    edited November 2017
    Well, I'm the guy who felt SS was "meh." I'm a huge fan of the character and of Doctor Who - I think Slott gave is a lousy version of both. I realize that most people really, really enjoyed the book and that's fantastic. Every comic isn't for everyone. :)

    Adam's story about eating ice cream reminded me of this U of Minnesota football coach:


    Infinity Stones - I wonder how much of it is a deliberate attempt to match the movies and how much of its editors/writers/etc not knowing any better..
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    Thanks guys. I totally missed that Anthony Bourdain comic from Dark Horse.
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    If @wildpigcomics shows up without his copy of Previews next time, he can always drop in on this post to get a PDF link to the full Previews catalog for that month.

    Always link to it near the bottom of that first post in the thread.

    Enjoyed the episode guys!
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    Do others who use DCBS use their "pull list" feature? If you don't I certainly recommend it, I don't know how you can remember what books to order without it (too much in previews not to miss something).

    Also, you can't add Previews to your pull list, it doesn't show up in the search. However if you email them they'll add it to your pull list for you. This way you'll never forget it.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    To @mphil : Ah, I don't use the DCBS pull list feature at this time. I used to use it, but after awhile I got tired of deleting all the Avengers titles it would add to my pull list just because "Avengers" was somewhere in the title (at that time I think I was only buying Uncanny Avengers). How do I remember what to order? Well, first I look at the e-mail DCBS sends me when I made my last order and based off of that (if I'm still enjoying the same titles) I make a preliminary order list. If I've stopped enjoying a title it doesn't go on the list. Then I listen to the CGS previews AND the Comic Book Page Previews Spotlight to see if I missed anything. IF I have that month's copy of Previews I flip through it while listening to those two podcasts. So, I might add a few new things each month. Then next month, the cycle starts again. As for Previews, sometimes I don't feel I need it, and other times, I miss it when I didn't order it. So for me it's a wash. Recently I've adopted the following strategy: my limit of spending is about $100. If I'm already over my limit, I don't get Previews. If I'm safely under, I get it. / I think I said in another thread that I'm with @Mr_Cosmic : Silver Surfer? I can take it or leave it. Nowhere near as enjoyable as the Vision. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. / Arrrgh! Like @aquatroy, I have to add that Bourdain comic, too! And maybe the BSG vs. BSG! And something from Marvel...what was that? AH, maybe it was Guardians of the Galaxy #150-151. Unlike @Adam_Murdough I don't mind them being called Infinity STONES. Well, maybe they should split the difference and call them "GEMSTONES?"
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