Episode 1678 Talkback - December 2017 Previews

It's Previews Time again! We go through the December 2017 catalog for items shipping to stores beginning in February of 2018. (1:15:28)

Listen here.


  • Pants ... I'm with you on Batman Annual #2. What a fantastic read.

    Tried Justice League of America, but I can't stand Lobo, so I was out fairly quickly on that one. Justice League has been "meh" for me. Some good arcs, some not as good arcs. So, yeah ... just "meh."

    Loved the CGS post-credits "Director's Cut" stuff. :-)
  • @ShaneKelly Right there with you on that Yogi Bear movie. Wasn't that bad.
  • “Reading is fundamental.”
  • So the new Pantsmobile is a Jeep!
  • aquatroyaquatroy Posts: 474
    Flint Lockjaw!
    Man. That name brings back memories.
  • A question for the community about page 181 of the Previews catalog: Is this John Romita Artifact Edition new? I don't think it is because it's not given the full-page splash that Marvel Cosmic is given...but it has a different cover than the one that I own. This one is issue #50 of Amazing Spidey, but the one that I own features the cover of The Spectacular Spider-Man (1968 magazine) #2. So is this Vol 1 with a different cover (does IDW do that?), or is this an unlabeled Vol 2?
  • Never mind! I compared the ISBNs; they are identical.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    edited December 2017
    Thanks for this episode! I haven't got my Previews yet, so hearing this is helpful. Oh my! Those Thanos and Starfox graphic novels. Thanx for the tip! Alan Davis! / Bonus content! Yay! / Wait...on the Bonus Content @Pants says he's going to see Star Wars 8 in the afternoon. But I thought he saw it at a midnight show?
  • p0wp0w Posts: 2
    The Sentry TP is solicited as the character is back in Doctor Strange.
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