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Ok, I need clarification...
I've been looking to get some drawer boxes to finally get some of my comics organized, but I'm confused about what I'm getting.
According to the online order form, I can get a 5-pack of drawer boxes, but the actual drawers are an additional $2 each. Is that right? Do the 5-pack of drawer boxes not come with the box AND the drawer? If so, why offer the drawers for the extra $2? If not, I think making one pay for the 5-pack of boxes AND pay $10 to get the drawers is pretty bogus.
Please clarify this for me, someone. If I buy the 5-pack of short boxes, will I have to pay $10 extra to get the drawers that go into the box?


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    Is this the order form your looking at? The $2 is for Long Box Rails. That's an extra feature that helps keep your comics in place in a box in case you only have half your box full. You get the rails so you can add a divider in various places along the box depending on how many comics you have in there.

    You can read more about them here:

    I don't use the rail system in my longboxes. Hope that helps!
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    It does, actually. I believed, perhaps wrongly, that the "rails" referred to the drawer part of the kit. That was what was confusing me about having the rails sold separately.
  • I keep going back and forth on these. I'm getting older (yeah I'm only 30) but bending over and picking up longboxes is becoming untenable. (Yes, I know, lift with my legs) But even that is off with a history of lower back pain.

    So the idea of sturdy and stackable is COOL, but I don't want to bend over anymore either (at least not much). Anyone have similar situations and been placing these things on something that can support their weight but still keep the lowest box at about knee height?
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